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I’m claimed by the wrong biker.

My father is the president of the Demons MC, and I’ll do anything for them. When he asks me to marry the vile, loathsome leader of the Rebels, I agree to help.

But things get hard when Clutch, the tough and gorgeous enforcer for the Demons, is assigned to protect me.

I need him to keep me safe, but I want him to stay far away. I can’t stop picturing what he could do to my body as he strips off his shirt and sleeps on the couch.

But I’m claimed by another man, and nothing can change that. If I give in to what I want, the war could spiral out of control.

Every time Clutch gives me that dirty grin, I know I’m totally screwed.

doris review

How can you pass up a badass biker who is the enforcer for your club especially when he is camped on your couch! Janine and Clutch had known each other for quite some time before Janine’s dad, who is the Prez for the Demon’s, hooked Clutch up to be Janine’s bodyguard…and boy did he ever guard her body!! The Demons were looking to enlarge their club with one of the old off shoot clubs in order to take on two other rival mc clubs who were making a big move on the Demons.

So how do you get the Demons and the Rebels back together again? Why you let the Rebel’s Prez claim the Demons’ Prez’s daughter. Janine would do anything for her club that she grew up in especially when it would help to save a lot of her club’s lives. This is the least she felt she could do for the club who had always been so good to her. If she had to marry Jetter the Rebels Prez in order to help these men out then she was going to do it. It did come with added danger though because if the rival clubs that were moving in to their territory wanted to kill Janine the wedding would never take place which would leave the Demons shorthanded and much easier to kill.

Now back to the bodyguard part…my favorite part I must say. Janine and Clutch had always had this little flirty thing going on but it never really went anywhere because Janine’s dad pretty much told the whole club that his daughter was “hands off”. Plus you had to figure that Clutch had quite a few women coming and going all the time. It seemed it just took Clutch to realize what he could possibly lose especially after never giving in to his desire to have a little go round with Janine. All Janine could do was fantasize about Clutch and all he would be able to do to her. So when Janine’s time was running out and her impending wedding was getting closer would they finally cross that line even knowing that they both could be killed because one of the bikers’ codes were that once a woman was claimed no other brother was to have her? What types of dangers were there trying to link up old clubs after bad blood had been boiling between these two for so long? And can one enforcer actually keep Janine alive long enough to make it to the alter? This is one kickass biker book that you can’t put down… It’s just not for the faint of heart because there are some pretty intense scenes with the warring bikers and the steamy couple.

This book was provided as an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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I’m a long time reader, writer, and lover of Romance! Writing is my dream and my passion, and I want to share my stories with you.

I live in the Philadelphia area with my husband and two dogs.

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