Breathe Into Me by Amanda Stone

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Eighteen year-old Kelsey Rien is more than ready to leave her past behind her.

Wanting nothing more than to walk into a room without everyone knowing the horrific details of an event that changed her life six years ago, she vows to concentrate on school and make something of herself.

But then she meets Kane Riley – the local bad boy. Kane’s reputation is far from perfect, but is there more to him than everyone else sees?

Kelsey soon learns that you can’t run from your past, no matter how hard you try. When her nightmares find her once again, Kelsey must find the courage to face the demons that have been haunting her and save the people she loves most.


His smiled beamed so bright after I whispered those words and he crushed his mouth to mine, kissing me deeply as if his life depended on this one kiss. He wasted no time ridding me of my tank and pajama bottoms and began exploring my body first with his hands, and then with his mouth. Placing feather light kisses on my most sensitive areas.BreatheIntoMe Amazon (1)

I could feel his lip ring with every kiss that he placed. The cold metal against my heated skin was almost enough to send me over the edge. He kissed across my collar bone, then slowly down to the mounds of my breasts. I couldn’t stop the quiver that ran through my body as his tongue ran across one mound and dipped down between the two. He must have felt my shudder because he let out a throaty laugh and gently cupped my other breast in his hand ever so lightly massaging it with his palm and fingers. This man had magic hands, let me tell you.

I arched my back, pushing my chest deeper into his touch. He responded by settling his body between my thighs, pressing himself against me, just the pressure of having his hardness against me had me gripping and clawing at his back.

“Take off your underwear.” I said, and was shocked by the words that had just tumbled out of my mouth. I was usually not this outspoken, but when it came to Kane all bets were off, he made me feel brave and alive. He was slowly bringing out a side of me I didn’t know even existed.

He chuckled at my demand. “I will, just wait. There is time for that later. Right now there are a few parts of your body I have been dying to get my mouth on.” He looked up at me, his grey eyes full of lust and wanting.

I kept my eyes glued to his as he slowly rained kisses down between my breasts, then to my stomach where he used his tongue to draw a lazy heart around my belly button then lightly blew air across it.

My hips thrust up of their own accord and Kane hooked his finger around the string of my pink panties before leisurely pulling them down my legs. Once he had rid them from my ankles he raked his eyes up my body. Starting at my toes then slowly going up my legs, pausing a bit longer on my more intimate areas, before resting back on my eyes. I should feel a bit insecure being all exposed to him like this but I didn’t feel that at all. Seeing his desire for me actually made me feel empowered. Just knowing that I could make his breathing shaky and eyes gloss over the way they were, had my body humming all over.

“Every inch of you is perfect Kelsey.” He shook his head slightly as if trying to bring himself out of a daze. Lightly grasping my ankle in his big strong hand, he brought it to his mouth and placed soft kisses there and then up calf, murmuring sweet little words in between each kiss. When he finally made it to my thigh I felt him sink down onto the bed, lying flat on his stomach. Oh Lord. I didn’t know a lot about sex but I knew what this meant and my body automatically went ridged.

“Um Kane… I don’t know if you should….” I broke off, not knowing if I could actually come out and say the exact words.

“Kelsey…. just shut up.” He smiled up at me, before placing a feather light kiss high on my inner thigh, almost but not quite close enough to where I was throbbing.

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