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She has my son… and nothing is going to stop me from being the outlaw father I’m meant to be.


When Dakota got pregnant, she begged me to keep it a secret from the MC, which I did. But after I’m thrown into jail for a couple months, I come out not only a free man, but also a father. The problem? Dakota has taken off – with my son.

After I confess to my club the truth, they support me, even in the midst of seeking retaliation to those who set me up to be put away.

The moment I find Dakota and meet my son, I know my life will never be the same. Terrified for her life, Dakota leaves me with the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make – either be a father to my son or be an outlaw. If I give up my leather cut, I’m turning my back on my brotherhood. If I don’t, I just might lose my family for good.

All the while lurking in the background is an enemy, ready to strike not just against the club or me… but against my family.

One thing I know for sure – wearing a cut or not – I’m going to fight to survive and I’m going to fight for my family.


Get ready to be taken on a ride for your life with Filthy Kisses. Kye is stepping front and center with this newest Back Down Devil MC read and you won’t be disappointed. Even though Dakota is pregnant with Kye’s son after some random unprotected sex, to her there is nothing good when it comes to outlaw bikers. It was during a MC war years ago her cop father was gunned down. So how is Dakota going to handle the idea that her baby’s daddy is an outlaw biker? With that said though this outlaw biker agreed to keep their secret of her pregnancy because Dakota did not want to be associated in any way with a MC even if it was breaking the brotherhood rules of keeping secrets. Then add to it that this “outlaw” biker had Dakota living in his house with him watching after her and giving her everything that she needed which included some pretty hot sex. Dakota was pregnant, not dead!

When Kye wasn’t with Dakota he was going about club business as usual until he is arrested for murder. Dakota’s nightmare is coming true; Kye is taken away from her and their unborn baby with her due any day now. What’s worse is that this was a set up because someone was out to get Kye. He was held in prison for 4 weeks during which time his son was born and he wasn’t there to be a part of it like he had wanted to. Once that dreaded phone call came in on the special phone that Kye had given Dakota in case something happened to him she panicked and ran. Dakota was lucky enough to run into Debbie who was a nurse and also a good Samaritan who had been watching Dakota during all of her dr. visits. It was Debbie who was there in the hospital when Ellis was born and brought them to her house afterwards.

After Kye is out of jail and tries to get with Dakota and their son, Kye is given an ultimatum by Dakota…leave the MC. The Back Down Devils are his brothers and there is nothing they wouldn’t do for each other but Dakota and Ellis mean everything to Kye. Is Kye going to be able to walk away alive from the BDD’s because everyone knows that once a brother always a brother? So who is it that is trying to set Kye up and is his new family at risk as well, especially considering that they don’t have any back up? Are Dakota and Kye ever going to be able to make it if she isn’t willing to make room in their life for the club? You get to see how much family means to Kye, there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for family but the question is which family; his brothers or his new family of Dakota and their son? There is plenty of extremely hot moments for Kye and Dakota…how can there not be with as hot of a biker as Kye is?! This is a fast paced book that has you reading nonstop to see what is going to happen because the not knowing pulls you in so. With all of the sexiness and surprises happening you will have some pretty hilarious moments thrown at you too. (I love the exchange at the end between Debbie & Max…this alone is worth the read!) I definitely recommend this read for anyone looking for one hell of a good book.

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