Guest Reviewers

I am so excited to introduce you to these ladies–Cindy, Paula, Kelly, Erin, Irene and Tami. They will be posting their reviews of the books they are reading and I hope you enjoy their thoughts on the books they are reading. I hope that once they get their feet wet that they will want to do more and more!!

Thanks and happy reading, Debra

Cindy Photo


While at the bookstore for the signing, I found a display of books:  What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey.  I made note of some of the titles — I wouldn’t dream of actually perusing them in public — and went home to begin my clandestine search for a book that could even possibly come close to capturing my attention as much as FSOG had.  Well, let me just say, that task has now turned into an addiction.  Dare I say obsession?  I’ve now read nearly 100 books in the erotic romance genre, not to mention the books I’ve been compelled to re-read because I so loved the characters and the story, that I just had to spend more time with them.  

So, now I’m a fifty-something recovering English who has to giggle when I start to feel resentment towards work, students, and extra-curricular activities that pull me away from my books, and I love talking about them.  That’s how I stumbled onto the Goodreads sight — looking for a place to talk books, because my friends were starting to see me and run the other direction.  I enjoy the banter, the character analysis, and the discussions with authors.  Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me, and I’m excited about the opportunity to share my reviews with other book enthusiasts!  

Oh, and by the way, I now have an iPad and a Kindle, so I’m no longer reading on my droid; although it’s always handy in a pinch!

Happy reading!



My name is Paula and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on books and therefore sharing a big passion of mine.

I’ve always been an avid reader. All throughout my childhood and teenage years. Unfortunately, during law school time was scarce and the only reading that I did were textbooks, studying for exams. Once the exams passed, I started to get back into reading. I read a lot of thrillers and classics, losing myself in the world the books created, feeling for the characters and feeling like a part of the story.

For years, I refused to even consider  getting an e-reader, thinking I would miss the smell of books, the feel of the pages, the noise when turning a page. Yeah, I know I am weird.

Getting a smartphone, my husband downloaded the Kindle app and I went looking for books on Amazon, downloading a few freebies. The first one was „A Hidden Fire“ by Elizabeth Hunter. And that is when it started. I had lost my heart to a phone app. Soon I had hundreds of books downloaded and reading a lot of paranormal, young adult and new adult books. So it was time to upgrade and get myself a Kindle. Since then I am lost to the real world whenever I have time. I read during lunch breaks at work, I read when waiting in line at the store, I read when waiting at the doctors office. Basically any free minute you’ll find me reading. I’ve even been seen sitting in my car on the parking lot at work in the morning finishing up a chapter in my book. Thankfully, I have flexible working hours.

I am a book addict and proud of it. And when people joke that I have an addiction problem and should do something about it, I tell them to get me a self-help book.

If you need a recommendation, feel free to ask. If you want to chat about a book, you read, feel free to do so. I am looking forward to talking books.



Hi all…my name is Kelly and I am a book junkie! 🙂  Love my book boyfriends (rock & romance baby)…and some of my fave authors are Sophie Monroe, HB Heinzer, CM Stunich and Teresa Mummert, but the list could go on and on! 

Always been into reading, and since discovering the joys of the Kindle, watch out…lol…it’s definitely been put on overdrive…ha! 🙂

Love to talk books with any and all that will listen, and I’m also on Goodreads, so let’s do this! 🙂

I’m super stoked for this opportunity to read & review, chat, and get to know all you awesomesauce readers! 🙂


Erin (with author JL Brooks)

Hello I’m Erin. I like a lot of women began my book obsession with 50 Shades of Grey. My great friend and secretary at work told me I needed to read it multiple times and after much fight I finally gave in. That was the beginning of the end—I was hooked. The obsession started. This blog was the first to feed my obsession and hasn’t stopped.  There are only a few books I have read that I haven’t liked. My husband just finally realized that I was reading more then just Nicholas Sparks type books, and still he can’t wrap his mind around what these books are about. I do all my reading on my IPhone. A good friend has told me that I have some dedication to be able to read everything on my phone and boy is she right.

When I am not reading you will find me at work or at the gym. Yes, I have tried to read at the gym and just about fell off the treadmill.

My choice reading is a book that can keep my attention. I have yet to venture far into paranormal other then Sookie Stackhouse books. I do have a few favorite authors and if you ask I will tell you all about them. I love being about to “pimp” out authors of all sorts.  I am excited to be here and to add my two cents to some fantastic books.



Hello all, I am Irene. Like some of you out there I didn’t get back into reading until after I read FSoG. Yup, I read that and decided I wanted to read more and more. If you would of asked me who my favorite author was a few years ago I would of mentioned one. Now, you ask me that and I will list many for you.

I am also a major giveaway freak. Well was I have cooled down some. My husband told me that I should clear some space before I win any more paper backs…. that poor man has no idea!

Besides reading I also crochet. Deciding on which one to choose daily can give me a headache. I love a book that makes you feel all sorts of emotions, and that will leave you going “Huh, how can they do that to me?”

I like to read N/A, Y/A, paranormal romance, erotic romance, paranormal. I will just about read anything that will catch my fancy and keep it. I am excited to help out, can’t wait to chat up some books with you all.



I’ve been a romance reader since I was a teenager. I always stuck with one author, Johanna Lindsay, being limited to one new book a year. At that time, I didn’t mind because that gave me an opportunity to go back and re-read her stories and once again enjoy the characters that I loved. All of her stories were historical which always made me shy away from anything written in the current time.

After spending a day with my sister who had read Fifty Shades of Gray multiple times and was discussing the story and characters at length, I realized there was much more and many more authors for me to read. Well that was over a year ago, and I have now read more authors in one year than I have ever before, going from a pile of paperback books to my iPad and iPhone Kindle App. Now I can carry with me all of my books and read any story at any time. Since I started on this new journey, I have expanded to reading from strictly historical romance to writings set in the current time and am enjoying every minute.

Now I have discovered The Book Enthusiast and through Goodreads and Facebook a whole new world of readers and bloggers. Looking forward to sharing my reviews with you all.

Happy reading!