Book Title: Lost In Our Darkness
Author: Elizabeth Hayes
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date:  August 25, 2016
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I had no choice but to go back. It was the only way we would be safe. Or so I thought. When I walked back inside the Clubhouse I realized that things had changed and life had moved on without me.

When she left it changed everything. I never expected to see her again. So I moved on, or at least I tried. The day that she walked back into my life caused a chain reaction that threatened to ruin everything I had built with out her.

*You will need to read Lost in His Darkness prior to this book.

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You MUST read Lost In His Darkness (check out our review) first

This book picks up right where the first one left off still giving you everything you had in Lost In His Darkness plus some. You still have the raw, gritty, down and dirty that you had in the first book but this book just stepped it up a bit bringing out the darkness even more in Trix. As Lost in Our Darkness begins Trix had to move back to the clubhouse because she needed protection for her son and herself. She had planned just to stay at Nitro’s but on their way back to town Nix called for a lockdown and that meant back to the clubhouse for Trix. Imagine the surprise on everyone’s face when they realize that the woman following Nitro to his room with a kid in her arms was Trix. Oh, but it gets even better because Nix has one hell of a surprise for her too! Even as mad as Nix was about Trix leaving him without a word and Trix coming back to find out how busy Nix was while she was gone they still have that pull and cannot leave each other alone.

Payne is a nomad who has taken up at the clubhouse since Trix has been away and he sure gets her attention on her return. The man is really hot looking and is a really nice guy…anyway as “nice” as an outlaw biker can be. Does a nice guy have a chance with a black hearted woman like Trix or is he able to bring out a little light in her which many do not associate with Trix? When something happens to Trix’s son, Zaiden is Payne there to help Trix out or is it Nix who has to come to the rescue? I did feel kind of wishy washy with these two books because there were times I was so in love with a character and then they had to go and screw that up and had me hatin’ on them. About the time you were getting your hate on for them they go and do something really good again. I think it was never being too sure about how things would work out that had you on the edge of your seat just wondering what the hell Ms. Hayes was going to pull next. I am so glad to see that Nitro is going to get his book also because all of these dirty, dark people have really grown on me and I can’t wait for my next fix. Until these two books I have not read this author before and I have to say that I am now a true follower.

This book was provided as an ARC from author for an honest review.


meet the author

So you want to know a little about me and get a sense of who I am. Well the first thing I can say is that I absolutely hate talking about myself. So bare with me as I let you in on who I am.

My name is Elizabeth Hayes and I am from the Midwest. I have a few things I just happen to obsess over those include Hot pink and Zebra print, Unicorns, and cupcakes, and Books, I love to read and get lost in a book. I have thought about writing for a long time now and finally started to put words down. Ashlee and I are both new at this and our first book Finding Salvation is going to be thrown out there for you all to read. I must say I am having a hard time with this. I am the type of person that likes to know the outcome before I do anything. I want to know that this is going loved by most of you. The thing is I know that this book is going to be hopefully liked by some, hopefully loved by some, hated by some and just ok to some and I think I am finally ok with that. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I hear that is a good thing. But with everything time will tell. So there you go! If you want to know more just ask.

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