Book Title: Midlife Crisis
Author: L.B. Dunbar
Genre: Over 40 Romance
Release Date: May 23, 2018

Cover Design: Shanoff Designs

Cover Model: Tom Ernsting

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Midge Everette.

I’m forty-one today.
It’s my birthday, and I’m crying over burnt toast.
That’s not some euphemism.
Literally, I’m sobbing over crusty bread,
so I call a crisis center.
I just need someone to talk to about life.
Only I recognize the smoky voice of the man on the line.
Sweet cheese, don’t let it be…

Hank Paige.

As a former rock star,
I once had it all. Fame. Fortune. Females.
Except for the one thing I wanted most.
Then I lost everything.
I fix cars now and restore other people’s dreams.
I just want to be somebody’s someone.
And there’s a certain woman with captivating eyes
who might be the more I’m looking for.
For the love of all things, please let it be her…

In the midst of questioning everything,
could love be the resolution to a midlife crisis?

If you loved Tommy Carrigan in After Care meet his best friend and former drummer, Hank, as he discovers romance in his forties.

Book 2 of the silver fox, former rock stars can be read as a standalone.


Midlife Crisis is my first experience reading an L.B. Dunbar novel and I’m hooked. I don’t get much opportunity to read over 40 romance, but Hank and Midge’s story has completely captured my heart. Although they have lived two completely different lives, from the moment their eyes meet, their hearts connect immediately. But the torment Hank suffers with from ghosts of his past continues to torture his soul despite the deep and immediate connection he feels with Midge. But she is no stranger to heartbreak herself, and as their worlds and souls begin to meld, Midge must find a way to heal and Hank must learn to let go of the past if there is any hope of making a new life together.

Midlife Crisis is a hot and sexy, believing in love again romance, and L.B. Dunbar has certainly scored a home run! Though it is the second novel of her over 40 genre, it can be read as a standalone. But if you are as captivated as I am after having a taste of Hank and Midge, not to mention the fantastic support characters, you won’t be able to stop there. Book one, Baby Steps, is definitely going to be up next on my TBR.


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L.B. Dunbar has been accused of having an over-active imagination. To her benefit, this imagination has created over twenty novels, including a small-town world (Sensations Collection), rock star mayhem (Legendary Rock Star series), MMA chaos (Paradise Stories), rom-com for the over forty (The Sex Education of M.E. and After Care), and a suspenseful island for redemption (The Island Duet). Her alter ego, elda lore, creates magical romance through mythological retellings (Modern Descendants). Her life revolves around a deep love of reading about fairy tales, medieval knights, regency debauchery, and strong alpha males. She loves a deep belly laugh, a strong hug, and an occasional margarita. Her other loves include being mother to four grown children and wife to the one and only.

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