When there’s no one left to trust, should you try trusting a stranger?
Someone is watching Emmeline, and for the first time, she feels seen.

Emmeline Weiss is living a dream life—or so it appears. She comes from a wealthy, influential family, has a blossoming career, and a sophisticated fiancé. Lost in the fray, and on the brink of forgetting who she really is, Emmeline needs a few weeks of sand and saltwater: a break for once. But her search for clarity—and her true self—turns up a smart, sexy stranger instead, ONE who sees her soul and awakens her body, giving her everything she never knew she wanted. When Emmeline learns her charmed life in Chicago has been a setup, her soul-searching trip to the shores takes a dark turn. Someone is watching her. Caught between fear, and an exciting new desire to push away her inhibitions, whom can she trust?

I don’t really know where to start!

The book kind of starts off slow for me, it does pick up in some time though. Emmeline she gets caught up in her head a lot. So much so she turns the world out.

Like how there is some background info on her and some other characters she has problems with. For someone who comes from a well off family, you’d think her life would be set. That isn’t always the case.

Oh man Alex, Alex, Alex!! Thoughts about him are O.M.G!! Their relationship grew quick. From friendly, to lovers. Seems like Alex and read Emmeline like a book. Her face gives her away though. Again so caught up in her head about her past. Alex brings her alive. These 2 though have a history they don’t really want to share with each other.

However they do and there is no turning back. I don’t care for her father let me mention that. Anyone who would tell your daughter do marry out of convenience, it a piece of crap!! I can say that Emmeline and her nightmares are scary as h***. I don’t normally have dreams about the books I am reading. I dream about reading a book, the words. But never I ever had weird dreams myself after reading a book like this.

I’d like to see what happens in the next book.

Alicia Maxwell has been an avid reader her whole life. Through the years, she’s enjoyed many genres and authors, from classics, like War and Peace, to modern-day romances. Her latest passion is writing.

As a resident of South Florida, she finds inspiration in the fast-paced, urban lifestyle, proximity to the ocean, and the year-round warm weather.

Her days are filled with reading, writing, and caring for her family—two children, and a husband, who also happens to be her biggest supporter and best friend.

Her two-book literary debut will be self-published in 2017. Look for them, read them, and leave a review. Your feedback and opinions matter and are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to each and every one of you!