Rating Scale

The Book Enthusiast’s Rating Scale

5+ stars

Everything a 5 star book has plus a extra something that makes me want to shout to the world about it!! (Like a WTF ending; something out of left field that shocked the shit out of me; or a love of epic proportion

5 stars

amazing; fantastic; in love with this book; couldn’t put it down; I’d rather read this book than sleep; you MUST read this book; it won’t disappoint; still talking about a week later

4 stars

fantastic; loved it; you should read it; will talk about it for a few days to others

3 stars

I would recommend the book; needs a little something more though; you’ll enjoy the read (probably won’t review the book)

2 stars

it was okay; I finished it-but it took awhile (won’t review)

1 star

I didn’t finish the book; not able to hold my interest or attention (again won’t review)