Rating 4.0/4.5 stars


I really enjoyed this book. I must admit I thought it was going to be this dark and dramatic read where I am reading with my mouth hanging open and uttering nonsense to myself. The beginning did have one or two of those moments but once you get into the story it is more of a non-traditional love story and soooo good!

We meet Elena as she is leaving work one night and is waiting for the bus to arrive. She notices someone across the street but gets caught up in her own thoughts and soon after she is abducted. Alone, scared, blinded and bound she has no choice but to comply with her captures demands. She soon finds out that not only is she not alone in her misery but she along with her fellow prisoners have been picked up by a gang of human traffickers. They are transported elsewhere and made to stay in a warehouse with no food, water or hope of rescue/escape. On the second day they are made to stand facing a wall while men come in and peruse the selection of women. Elena is the second to be picked and is immediately removed and sent on her way with a man who has purchased her.

He brings her to his home and she is told that she is to be married to him–Alex and live with him as husband and wife.  He briefly lays it out for her and reassures her that she does not need to fear him for he will not hurt her.  Elena finds this hard to believe but as time goes by she sees that he means her no harm.  They also discover that they actually get along quite well. After a while they both start to have feelings for the other and things between them start to progress.

However, the men in the“community” come by often to check on them. Women in this”community” are bought and they learn to obey or receive the consequences for their disobedience.  Alex does not believe in the ways of the “community” and so this brings about some issues and they live in fear that they will be “caught” because he doesn’t believe in treating Elena with disrespect and a heavy hand.  As time passes, both Alex and Elena feel worse and worse about what is going on and how the girls are being treated.  Elena tries to help the women with a bit of advice but feels that it’s not enough.  They eventually try to help the girls and this brings about a whole new set of issues and dangers.  In this process, the find another couple who feel that what’s going on isn’t right and try to help them in their quest.

What starts out as a small rescue attempt quickly grows and the fall out and consequences are huge!  Will Alex and Elena be able to help the girls find freedom?  Will they be able to survive the consequences of their actions? Will Alex and Elena survive it all?  You must read the book to find out! It’s worth it!!!

I found this book on Smashwords but you can purchase it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well.  There is a companion Novella that can also be found at the previous mentioned sites.  I haven’t read it yet but it is on my TBR list on Goodreads.  If I had any complaint about the book it would be that there were some grammatical/editing issues but they weren’t so bad that they took away from the story.

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