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The epic conclusion to the erotic paranormal Fallen Angel Trilogy. Fallen angel, Sariel finally finds the woman who caused his fall from grace. But can he stop the war between Heaven and Hell and still have her?


She was forbidden, and I gave everything to be with her.
My grace.
My wings.
My place in Heaven.
But still, she was taken from me.
Now, thousands of years later, I’ve found her in another life, but she doesn’t know me and her heart belongs to another.
The other Watchers are getting bolder.
Soon war will be here. 
With every fight, I grow closer to Heaven but farther from my Selah. 
I can’t lose her again, not when she’s finally within my grasp. 
I’ll make her see, help her remember us. 
She is mine.
I won’t let her go. 
I can’t.


This was my introduction to Kim’s work  and hot damn what a introduction it was!  Now the last PNR books I read was Twilight many years ago and I really hadn’t had an interest until I got my hands on this epic read. Whats better then to have a sexy sultry vampire on a quest to find his soul mate. Oh there is a lot more to this story but to truly understand you find out for yourself in the pages.