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His family was murdered… and the revenge will cost him his leather cut, his MC, and the woman he’s been secretly in love with for years.

Blaine is the worst kind of outlaw – he’s bad, bold, ruthless, screws anything with a pulse, and he’s hiding a secret from his club. Not only has he hidden the murder of his family from his club, he’s hidden that he in fact used to be on the other side of the law. All of that is supposed to be dead and gone, but when Jessa shows up to tell him the man who murdered his family has gotten out of prison, everything changes. Blaine is forced to come clean and leave his fate in the hands of the men he considers brothers.

Jessa could never admit her feelings for Blaine because of their delicate situation. She always knew what was at stake, and when it was taken from him, they slipped into two very different lives. She’s lonely and constantly in fear. Now with her worst fears coming to life, the only refuge she has in the protection of a group of bikers. And her heart? That’s always been in the care of Blaine.

The second Blaine and Jessa are able to finally be together, the heat is not only instant, it comes with a price. Suddenly, there’s more at stake for Blaine to lose than he ever thought possible. Top that with a new sheriff after the club, a rival MC rebuilding, and an old enemy vying to destroy Back Down Devil MC, everyone’s about to be taken to the limit…

And for this outlaw, finding love in the midst of death is the hardest thing he’ll ever have to do.

doris review

Dirty, insatiable, dark, murderous, sexy, crazy, loyal, hardened, ripped…these are only some of the words to describe Blaine. After waiting patiently for his story I’m sure you are going to agree with me after reading it that it was well worth the wait and then some. Blaine’s story is one of deep pain and torture because of the way he lost his family of fiancée Meghan and her daughter Janey. Blaine and Meghan’s relationship was very shaky; it was Blaine’s love for Janey and the idea that he would sacrifice his true happiness for love just to watch out for and take care of that little girl. Let’s add to it that Jessa, Meghan’s best friend, was really the person that Blaine had an attraction to. Blaine couldn’t cross that line with Jessa because of his love and devotion for Janey and Jessa couldn’t do this to her best friend and daughter. It all came crashing down though when one of Blaine’s undercover set ups went wrong with a truly evil low life that took out his family and wanted to take out Jessa too but she was able to get away from him. Jessa had walked into their home finding Meghan and Janey lying dead on the ground. After Meghan and Janey were buried Blaine took off leaving his old life behind which consisted of Jessa and his detective job.

Blaine’s family now consisted of the Back Down Devils and there wasn’t anything that Blaine wouldn’t do for his brothers. Blaine was living the life of an outlaw now because being on the right side of the law brought Blaine nothing but heartache and he had seen firsthand how the law really worked in most cases. So it was the MC life for him which consisted of being a total badass who loved his women and loved them often. Blaine was noted around the clubhouse as being a ladies’ man. He always had some story about his sexcapdes that even made the rest of his brothers shaking their heads wondering to what new level Blaine would take his sexual fetishes. Blaine was not a one woman man any longer now that he turned his life to the outlaw ways.

Jessa stayed in town and became a veterinarian who was still dealing with the trauma of finding her friend and daughter murdered. She felt safe because Vin, the person who murdered Meaghan and Janey was sent to jail but not for their murders. She had a false sense of safety thinking that Vin was put away and wouldn’t be able to get to her. Imagine her surprise when she walks into the waiting room at the animal clinic and finds Vin holding a box for her which held a dead cat and a clear message for Jessa that he was coming for her. Jessa panicked and called the only man she thought could help her…Blaine. When the phone number that he had left her didn’t work Jessa went to the MC clubhouse to find him in person. Blaine struggled with Jessa’s arrival at the clubhouse because his longing for her in his past life was still very memorable but he vowed he left that life behind. Blaine knew that he would have to take Vin out for Jessa’s safety and for his own vengeance. Blaine brought Jessa to his own house to keep her away from Vin but maybe Jessa should have been more worried about the new Blaine. It’s crazy what a walk down memory lane does for you when you are scared, angry and have had a little whiskey. Even after their little reunion which they both had wanted for so long, Blaine has news that Vin was killed and has Jessa hit the road. He’s not made for one woman and doesn’t want to drag Jessa into his dangerous life. That was all great until Jessa ends up pregnant.

With the rival MC gunning for the Back Down Devils, a new police chief in town who would like nothing better than to take them down, Vin’s arrival in town, very much alive, Blaine has no choice but to bring Jessa into his protection especially when he finds out he is going to be a dad. How much does this all change our womanizing Blaine, if at all and how the hell does a veterinarian now fit into Blaine’s life? Would she be better off leaving town and Blaine behind to get away from Vin in order to protect her precious baby and realizing this isn’t the same Blaine that she once knew? As far as the club is concerned will they be able to deal with the rival Under Eight MC with Vin at the helm pulling strings with cartel backing?

If you don’t like violence with a whole lot of hot sex don’t read this but if you want a great story about a very hot and dangerous biker you definitely will have to make this book a top priority. But be prepared to have some time set aside because this book is one you won’t want to put down. Another great hit for Ms. James.

This book was provided as an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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I’m seriously loving my new trilogy. The first book is done and waiting its release… the date will be announced soon. I’m in the heart of the second book and some of it is just so powerful I have to walk away. I’m digging deep here, everyone. I always leave myself in the books for you all to enjoy. That’s what keeps me so connected to them.

I’m going to be introducing you to my new friends……

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