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For a limited time, get a bonus Stephanie Brother book: Stepbrother Forbidden
He’s back, and he’s brought all the old feelings I buried with him.

I thought I was over him.
I thought I’d gotten past my stupid teenage crush for my stepbrother.
But now Reid’s back to take care of his sick mother and I’ve been slapped with a rude reminder:
I still love him.
I still want him.
Even if I know it’s wrong.
I have to forget him.
There’s too much at stake.
But the way he looks at me…
The way he touches me…
I’m not sure I’ll ever come back from this.

I’m back, but the moment I see her again it’s like I never left.

She’s off-limits. Not only because she’s my stepsister.
But she’s with someone else.
I need to stand back.
I need to get the hell away from her.
I’ve got more important things to deal with than figure out what I feel for her.
But it’s a lot harder than I thought.
Because the way she feels in my arms…
The sweet sounds she makes when my hands are all over her…
It’s all proof she was meant to be mine.

Gripped is a grittier, slow burn stepbrother romance based in the beautiful Seattle, WA area. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed

doris review

When bounty hunter, Reid, returns from France after many years to be at his mother’s deathbed he has to face his stepsister. Most of the time that wouldn’t be a big deal but in the case of Reid and Mackenzie there was much more to it. They both have had feelings for each other but neither would admit it because they were stepbrother and stepsister which everyone knew was “wrong”. Right? So, Reid’s way to deal with it was to take off to France and make a life for himself there leaving Mackenzie and his feelings for her behind. If only it were that easy. As for Mackenzie she lived at home with her dad and stepmother, Vera. Mackenzie has a great relationship with stepmother and was devastated when Vera was diagnosed with cancer and only had a very short time left to live.

This is what brought Reid back home. To say things were tense between Reid and Mackenzie was saying it mildly. After seeing each other again the old feelings they had for each other only grew. There was one little thing standing in their way besides being stepbrother and stepsister and that was that Mackenzie was engaged.

Would Reid and Mackenzie finally give in to their desires and if they did what would their parents say? Does Mackenzie hide her desires for Reid from her fiancé? And who was the personal that had a little talk with both Reid and Mackenzie that made them realize their “secret” wasn’t as hidden as they thought? This is a quick read for anyone looking for a HEA with some pretty intense forbidden desires.

This book was provided as an ARC from the author for an honest review.

meet the author

Stephanie writes scintillating stories with step-siblings as their main romantic focus. She’s always been curious about the forbidden, and this is her way of exploring such complex relationships that threaten to keep her couples apart. As she writes her way to her dream job, Stephanie hopes that her readers will enjoy the full emotional and romantic experience as much as she’s enjoyed writing them.

Her stories fall into three romance categories, all aimed at ADULT audiences. (18+ only PLEASE!)

Pure romance, where the characters follow traditional ideas about relationships and how their personal situations surrounding them being ‘related by marriage’ cause major issues.

Erotic romance ramps up the heat content, by getting into the naughtier bits of how the characters develop romantically. This can tend towards some pretty descriptive passages.

Erotica is a no-holds-barred writing style that gets up and goes straight for the libido! Not for the faint of heart!

Stephanie takes great pains to assure that you will only find stories that best suit YOUR particular reading style.

Each book is categorized on the proper area of the site for it’s HEAT content!

Feel free to write with comments, suggestions, or requests for stories at

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