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They call them the Beast Brothers.

On the field, they’re brutes. Off the field, they’re huge and hard,and have a reputation for f@cking like animals.
I vowed to never get involved with another football player, but when my car is hit and the drivers in the other vehicle happen to be the sexiest twin beasts in the whole NFL, what’s a girl to do?

Resistance is futile when you find yourself in the back of a taxi with two sets of hungry eyes that want to look under your clothes, and four hands that want to touch you in all the best places.

I know it’s stupid to break my resolution within hours. It gets worse, though.

While I was living out of state with my douchebag cheating ex, my dad went and got himself a fiancée. And if that isn’t bad enough, my stepmom-to-be is the woman who spawned the Beasts.

My wildest sexual experience ever has been with my enormous soon-to-be stepbrothers, and it could ruin everyone’s lives.

I know I shouldn’t give in to them again, but if Beauty couldn’t resist one gigantic beast in the fairytale, what hope do I have against two?

This is a standalone MFM ménage romance with a guaranteed happy ending. There are no M/M scenes – the Beast Brothers are all about pleasing their woman.

For a limited time, this book also includes the full-length novella PERFECT: A Stepbrother Romance


This is for only those of you who can handle M/F/M because you will sure get your share of it. This isn’t just the raw sex, it has feelings that these three make you look past the unconventionality of it. Unbeknownst them at the time of the car accident they had no idea that their parents had a little surprise for the three of them. Everyone was trying to do the “right” thing but sometimes love will get in the way. This is a really good story to get lost in for a short time but just be ready for that cold shower afterwards!

This book was provided as an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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