I wish I remembered the event name but this signing was the first one I attended and it wasn’t long after I started blogging. I met some amazing authors. I must admit that at this point I didn’t know Colleen Hoover but I did know enough to meet her, grab a photo with her and pick up a couple of signed books. I think I bought books from every author there. I was just that excited.

CJ Roberts

Colleen Hoover

EL Montes

Madeline Sheehan

Raine Miller

The Naughty Mafia event was great. It took place in Las Vegas and by this time I believe I was blogging for at least a year. I was able to meet and network with some amazing author, bloggers and readers. This was a two day event and there were a lot of extras involved (parties, etc.) but I just came mostly for the authors and the books so that’s what I remember the most. I was able to meet some of my all time favorite authors – which was really exciting. I’m not sure how I managed to get all the books and swag I accumulated during that three day trip in my luggage and back home but I did it! Great event!

AL Jackson

Alice Clayton

Amanda Stone

Belinda Boring

Beverly Preston

Cherrie Lynn

CJ Roberts

Cora Carmack

Courtney Cole

EK Blair

EL Montes

Elizabeth Lee

Emma Chase

Emma Grayson

Erika Ashby

Erin Noelle

Gail McHugh

Ginger Voight

Heidi McLaughlin

J. Sterling

Jade C. Jamison

JB McGee

Jillian Dodd

JL Brooks

Jodi Ellen Malpas

Julia A. Richman

KA Linde

KA Robinson

Kaylen Amyes

Kellie Maine

Kelsie Leverich

Kim Karr

Kimberly Knight

Kristen Ashley

Kristen Proby

Lacey Weatherford

Lisa De Long

Lisa Renee Jones

M. Leighton

Michelle A. Valentine

Molly McAdams

Monica Murphy

Nacole Stayton

Nichele Niche

Nicole Edwards

Nyrae Dawn

Raine Miller

Rebecca Donovan

Rebecca Shea

RK Lilley

SC Stephens

Sharnora Williams

Shey Stahl

SL Scott

Sloan Johnson & Alfie Gordillo

Sylvia Day

Tabatha Vargo

Brooke Cumberland

This picture wasn’t in Vegas but it’s the only one I took during this Massachusetts event so I added it here. 🙂
I’ve been to Authors in the City nearly every year – as a blogger and author. They run an amazing event. I’m always too busy chatting, helping or signing so I don’t have many photos. 2018 is their last year and it will take place in New York City. I hope to see you there.

Ashlee Taylor

Barbara Cutera

Mary Wasowski

Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie’s Book Reports, Authors in the City host and my agent!
This New York signing was a lot of fun. Again, I don’t remember the name of the event but it was very well run.

Christine Zolendz

Cora Carmack

Emily Snow

Gail McHugh

Jasinda Wilder

KA Linde

Karina Hall

Madeline Sheehan

Raine Miller