“The moment she woke up, her nightmare began…”

What would you do if you awakened to find a dangerous stranger in your house? In your bed, next to you? Now your home has become your prison, and your body, a battlefield. How would you hold onto your sanity, your self-esteem, your very soul against someone determined to annihilate all three?

In the psychological thriller BREAK HER, one woman will find herself in this almost unthinkable situation, and one man will discover that he has finally come up against someone unlike any of those he has destroyed before.

On the surface, this intruder has all the advantages: strength, weapons, ruthlessness. The only way he can lose is if he finds himself responding to his victim on a human level. The only way she can win is if she rips away the protective lies she’s told herself, the hard shell of indifference she’s hidden in, and becomes again what she has not been since she lost everything that mattered to her, years ago: human.

Warning: Includes graphic depictions of rape, sex, and violence and is for readers over the age of 18 only.



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To continue on with this week’s theme I contacted B.G. Harlen because I wanted to know what was the motivation behind such a wonderfully disturbing book that had me (at the same time) thinking that it was too much for me but still wanting to finish because I was so sucked in that I had to know how it ended. Well, below is a guest post from B.G. Harlen explaining a little bit about the why and how this book came to be.

Guest Post by B.G. Harlen:

A woman I know told me how she had once asked the man she was sleeping with how he decided what positions he would put her in when they had sex. Apparently, he moved her around a lot – legs this way then that way, up to one side or the other, together or apart; pushed onto her tummy, on her back, on her side, over here and over there. She didn’t mind, but she couldn’t help wondering what the thinking was behind this. All he could say, though, was that it was some sort of “dark urge” that came over him.

He didn’t really answer the question, but that’s the point. Those dark urges are usually nothing we want to, or most likely, are even able to examine.

But … things go through your mind sometimes. Things you don’t ask for. Things most people would happily suppress.

If you’ve read the opening pages of BREAK HER, you know what I mean. What is the worst thing you can imagine? For a lot of people, women, even men, that would be someone invading your body, taking you against your will, raping you. Bad enough. But then go one step further.

What if your attacker didn’t just want to enjoy himself with your body; what if he wanted to make you enjoy it too? Now that, to me, is one of the worst things anyone could imagine. The person who could do that would have to be diabolically evil. The victim who could survive that would have to be incredibly strong. For me, that thought led to a match made in hell, two people whose battle royale would make for some seriously intense and intriguing reading. I hoped.

I knew it would be a hard book to categorize. There was violence and graphic sex. But the sex wasn’t at all erotic. And there was a shitload of conversation. And even some extremely inappropriate humor.

But that was the beauty of writing something that I knew no one would ever publish. Until I realized I could publish it myself.

And found that there were readers out there willing to take a chance on an unknown writer and a highly inflammatory subject. And some of them were book bloggers, who spread the word. Funny thing was: this amazing reception and the power of readers to share their “enthusiasm” (wink, wink, Book Enthusiast) was the one thing that I had not previously imagined.

I guess I’m better with the dark stuff.


I read Break Her long before I started a book blog so I don’t have a complete review for you to read. However, I will say I gave it 5 stars. This story is disturbingly good, its a mind-fuck (beyond all mind-fuck books out there) and the main lead female is beyond strong. I was addicted to it and yes while reading it I thought I was nuts for reading such a book but at the same time I HAD TO KNOW how it ended. Go enter the Giveaway if you haven’t already and if you don’t win go buy it and see what I am talking about for yourself.

I was speechless for days after this book. There are no words for what you will read (well there are and they sound like this WTH, WTF, OMG, Holy Shit, OMFGsh). WARNING it is VERY DARK and NOT for the faint of heart. If you follow my reviews or my obsessive posts/tweets about the books I read you know I won’t give anything away but I also want you prepared to read it. It will have you thinking and you won’t be able to forget this book.

Favorite Quotes from the book:

“That’s what forgiving was: seeing someone for what they were, flaws and all, not what you wanted them to be, not what they should have been.”

“How do you make love to someone when you know they’ll be gone forever the next day? How do you spend the last few hours with someone when you know there will never be
anything after that?”

“Everyone wants to be the survivor, but they seldom realize how very high the cost is.”

(by B.G. Harlen)


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