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Abigail “Abby” Van Der Veer is living a life of torture, trauma, and fear. After the questionable death of her father, FBI informant, Abby, finally returned home. As she begins to question her father’s death, her ex-boyfriend, who is now one of the town killers, is threatening Abby. The town she once lived in has changed and everyone is now fearful because of all that has transpired. Facing numerous difficulties, Abby finds herself in a psyche ward where she undergoes reality testing using drugs, hypnosis, and shock and trauma treatment, for the purpose of making her go crazy. Despite all these confusions and distress, Abby remains hopeful. What happens when Abby finds out that she is being used as a plant for a terrorist operation? How will she escape from all this torture? Will Abby finally live the life that she was deprived of? Will she be able to finally resurrect from the tortures of her living hell? Read through this suspense drama and find out!

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Abby wakes up confused and in a lot of pain. Instead of easing her pain, she is told it is all in her head, and the only way she can get better is to sign herself into getting psychiatric treatment. This is the beginning of her nightmare. Abby endures the psychotic games and treatment day after day, until one day she gets to leave. Only leaving doesn’t stop the torture, it just changes the location. Without knowing who she can trust, and not having anyone believe her anyway, Abby is left to suffer and survive alone. But how much can she survive, when the torture is breaking her down physically and mentally? Is all of this really even happening? Maybe she really is demented.
DeMented by Sherry Levesque is a fast-paced story that will have readers turning the page to find out what kind of crazy and demented things are going to happen next. The methods used for “treatment” are intense. The abuse Abby suffers is definitely enough that a normal human being would likely not survive – at least not without some severe mental deficits. Some things seem repetitive, that is part of the plan of the demented doctor. The book moves fast, and the ending just sort of happens. There is not a lot of closure, which is something I prefer in my books, but the point gets made. It is a good book for someone looking for a little action.

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