rating: 5–melt your heart (and your panties)–stars

This book has it all! From the first page it grabs you and sucks you right into the story. It will melt your heart, have you fanning yourself, bring some tears to your eyes, make you smile, and have you laughing. It’s a great roller coaster ride of emotions.  Another book where life was pushed to the side–I have no food in the house and I am still in my pj’s–but that’s okay! Why? Because I was reading Exquisite and unless your name was Mason or Lena I had no use for you. LOL!! My family LOVES me!!  (really they do)!

Lena is a pediatrician who had suffered a personal loss that has stunted her. Yes, she gets up out of bed every day, goes into the hospital and is dedicated to her job and patients but that is the extent of her existence. She suffers but not many people know and for the few who do they don’t know the extent in which she suffers. She wakes up night after long night with nightmares of the night–9 years ago–where she lost her sister in a terrible car accident where she was behind the wheel. The guilt has eaten away at her and she is just a shell of the person she was 9 years ago.  Coming up on the anniversary of her sister’s death she receives a vase of flowers from the local flower shop. She knows who they are from and wants nothing to do with them. She doesn’t need a reminder of the day. However, even though she knows who sent them she asks the receptionist to confirm who they are from because she just can’t deal with it.

Cue Mason!

Mason is…well, yummy!! He is tall, dark, handsome, charismatic, and but he is also a known playboy (often featured in the local gossip pages of the news) and owner of the hottest new restaurant, Exquisite. So how does a delivery of flower to Lena throw Mason in her path? Well, Mason’s mom owns the local flower store and he is such a great son **sigh** (love a man that loves his momma) that he did her a favor and took the flowers to Lena at the hospital. Mason is not very impressed with the good doctor and she actually pisses him off quite good. However, their encounter was something that lingered in his thoughts and he couldn’t get those last few minutes out of his brain.  She had left a mark.

So how on earth are their paths ever going to cross again? Well I asked myself the same question. The head of her department is riding Lena’s ass because she isn’t the most punctual employee and he warns that if she doesn’t come to a dinner to welcome a new colleague to the hospital she’d be in it deep. In she walks into Exquisite and meets her BFF and fellow doctor Shelly at the bar. Mason soon notices and so the fun filled night begins. There was no way he could leave her alone so he walks up to the bar and is greeted in a fashion that only Lena could pull off. He flirts, she argues and insults and finally agrees to a date. Ha, pretty funny.

This is where all the fun starts. The first date comes and goes just as quick and again he is left frustrated and infuriated by Lena. Do you think there is a lot of tension between the two?? Mason is unable to get rid his thoughts of Lena and contacts Shelly and seeks her help. They banter, she’s rude, he puts her in her place and things start to progress!!

Now let’s turn up this review about 100 degrees! There is such a strong attraction and tension between these two!! Oh man, they do it everywhere and let me tell you it is HOT!! One scene was off the charts–hottest scene I have read in a book in a loooonnng while!! They do “it” and/or just get “hot and heavy” on the couch, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bed, the window, the park, and the hallway. I am probably missing a few too!

Favorite quotes and/or excerpts from the book:

“She doesn’t want your number, you arrogant ass. She wants me to apologize to you.”

“Save the charm, Romeo. I don’t want it and I certainly don’t need it.”

“Shh, Lena. This is my favorite part of the song…” and then proceeded to ad-lib to the famously dirty lyrics, “Hike that skirt up a little more, Lena, and show me your world,” right before he leaned down and nipped her bottom lip with his teeth.”

“Let me in, Magdalena O’Donnell. I want to know all of you.”

“I don’t get it. He sent you a peach?”

“You look so fucking sexy right now. Your hair is half falling out, your lips are swollen, and you have peach juice down your neck.”

“I want you to take me. Hard.”

“Don’t let go of the robe Langley, or I’ll stop.”

“Let you what?” he demanded, spinning around to face her. She took a step back, looking up at with tears running down her own cheeks, but he was beyond reason and beyond caring. “Lie to me? Hide things from me?” Shaking his head, he spat, “I’m so fucking stupid! I thought you trusted me. I thought you felt the same way about me as I do about you!” She tried again to reach out but he just glared at her. “I thought you fucking loved me!”

“I decided I’d rather have your knees wrapped around my ears than your boots wrapped around my waist.”

(by Ella Frank)

Lena has some deep scars and has built up walls made out of bricks and it is going to take a lot for Mason to chip away and break them down. He is in for one helluva battle. He does have an ace up his sleeve in the form of his mother. Lena has known his mom for 9 years and has visited her flower shop weekly and they have a very special relationship of their own. Will he be able to penetrate those walls and get to the real Lena? Does Lena even want him to try? Or is she too scared about what he might bring to the surface? Will she be brave enough?

There is A LOT of hot and steamy but it wouldn’t be the fantastic book it is without a little drama, tragedy and/or heartache. I’m not telling you which one it is–or maybe all of them occur–but I will tell you I had a nice cry.  How does it all end? Will they be able to survive it all? I know but I’m not telling!! **evil grin**

Ella Frank you are amazing. This story captures you and takes you on an amazing ride of loss, love, happiness, betrayal, sadness, regret, and determination. I can’t wait to read the second date in the series; Entice (released date Feb. 1, 2013).  Go get this book! You will not be disappointed. Best book I’ve read this year!

On a final note, I want to say to all of you who have not read this book yet…what an ending, oh man!!! That is all! Happy reading!

Here is the trailer created by Ella for Exquisite! Now I advise that if you watch this before you read the book you revisit it like I just did because it will all make such perfect sense. I watched it before and thought it was hot but after reading it’s so much better!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUgdTNJG5vY&w=560&h=315]