Rating: 4.5

from the ashesAnother fantastic book my Molly McAdams! Get your southern drawl ready because you will be hearing it in your sleep! Your heart will go will beat faster and you will love, hate and get totally pissed off while reading this book. I ranted a few times on Facebook and Twitter!

Tyler is finally ready to leave for college in Texas and he isn’t going alone.  Unbeknown to Cassidy, Tyler planned to take her with him. Tyler has been Cassidy’s protector since she was six years old and he had no plans to leave her in California without him there to watch over her. She doesn’t have the greatest family life since her dad died.

Tyler wants Cassidy to use this move as an opportunity to heal and start anew–make friends and live without the fear she had living with her mom and stepdad.  They have always been so close–so close that his parents weren’t even sure if they were dating or no–but to Cassidy they were best friends/family.

Once in Texas they move in with Tyler’s cousin Gage. Cassidy and Gage have an immediate attraction and Tyler isn’t happy about this and warns his cousin to back off….hmm something sounds familiar here—LOVE TRIANGE–maybe.  Hmm.  So, Tyler obviously isn’t thinking Cassidy as his BFF or his sister he wants to use this new environment to be a couple.  Will she return his feelings? Tyler seems to think so but there is one problem–Gage.  Gage and Cassidy have an apparent attraction and are drawn to each other.  Tyler feels threatened and he does everything in his power to keep them apart.  These are the parts where I am yelling at the book and cursing out Tyler because I will tell you now–he’s a little shit that deserves at good ass whoopin’!! In my opinion, of course.

The things Tyler does and says drive me crazy.  He claims that he is her protector but some of the things he says and does are so selfish and hurtful that you just REALLY want to smack him upside the head!! For most of the book I really just thought he was an asshole and then he really and truly proves me right because he does something that is so hurtful, selfish and downright low. His actions cause Cassidy harm and the repercussions from his actions send her right to Gage.

Now you would think that would be the end Gage gets the girl. Nope! And that is what I love about Molly McAdams. You think the book is going to be smooth sailing and then she throws a wrench in your happy world of reading.  So, without giving anything away expect lots of bumps in the road and then throw in something or someone from left field and you got yourself a story that will keep you on your toes and guessing.  Honestly, in most stories you hit the 80% mark and things are wrapping up and coming to a nice neat conclusion but not this story. And that what makes it so great!

Here are some of my favorite quotes and excerpts:

“She’s mine, Gage. Let’s get that clear right now.”

“No yet. Going back means I have to leave you, and I don’t want to.”

“I’d appreciate it if you stopped checkin’ out my girl too. I waited a long time for her, and I’m never letting her go.”

“SMB? Sandwich-Making Bitch.”

“I would always love her; she would always be the girl I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. But there are only so many times you can handle heartbreak with someone before you have to start protecting yourself.”

(by Molly McAdams)

Now you will need a few tissues but you won’t have to invest in Kleenex.  I was reassured by the author herself that there would be no “ugly cry” but a few tears were shed from time to time.  It’s a great read and you will love it! I had a couple of cranky mornings because I stayed up way to late reading.  It was worth it though! That is what coffee is for, right? Go get this book–read it, yell at Tyler and let me know if you think he is a little shit too?!?!  Enjoy!!

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