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He knows how to be a rockstar. Now he needs to learn how to be a father.

As drummer for Willow Son, Brantley knows how to rock hard, party all night, then travel to a new city to do it all again. But he’s kept a secret from the rest of the band and now it’s time to confess – he has a son. The arrangement he made years ago seemed right at the time, but now his son is sick and Brantley may be the only one who can save the young boy’s life.

Emma knew the risks of hanging with a rockstar – back then and today. She thought that lying to Brantley was the best thing to do but the decision has been eating her up inside. Now she needs his help. She’s not even sure he’ll show up…but the second he steps through the door, that raw lust and deep love they once shared comes rushing back. And when she sees him with their son, the connection is instant and real.

The years apart, the miles spread across the country, and the family they created during one crazy night now comes together as Brantley learns the hardest lesson of his life – fame and fortune can’t buy everything.

doris review

Wow…just Wow!! Ms. James has out done herself with the final Willow Son book. Don’t get me wrong I have loved every one of her books on these guys but this one knew how to pull on your heart strings and put you through quite a few emotions. She made you feel a lot of things for Brantley from desire to being pissed off at him to feeling sympathy for him. But this wasn’t all about Brantley; it was about a woman who changed Brantley’s life in ways he didn’t even know. For those of you who like strong women Emma has to be one of the strongest most selfless woman I have read about in a while. She didn’t put herself first when it came to Brantley or to their son.

Brantley met Emma just before Willow Son was going from a big band to an out of this world band. He was used to having the pick of pretty much whatever woman he wanted and the night that he saw Emma dancing by the speakers he knew that she was one that he wanted to “get to know” for that particular night. He found out that she was there with a jackass of a date which Emma later realized how big of a jerk this guy really was. The guy was a douche. So Emma did meet with Brantley and they had a night together that Brantley wasn’t expecting. They clicked on so many levels and the chemistry they each felt was like none other. She was even the type of girl who left the bed on her own and didn’t wait for Brantley to kick her out like he had done with all the others. This was a first for Brantley that he didn’t actually want to see his partner leave.

After their memorable night together a couple of months later Emma found out she was pregnant and went to tell Brantley that she was going to have his baby. Ok, so this is where the pissed off feeling for Brantley comes in…once he is told he sits there like an ass not saying anything as she gets up to walk away. Emma never wants Brantley to give up his career or do anything out of the way for her just because she is having his baby. And this is where Emma’s toughness starts to show through; she never “makes” Brantley live up to his responsibility of being a father to their child. She does this all only with the help of her father. The only communication for Brantley and Emma is through Willow Son’s manager. Brantley and Emma do adhere to their agreement not to make contact with each other.

Even though Brantley has had many women over the years in and out of his bed he does remember that special connection with Emma and now it’s time that he has to go to see what he can do to help his son out. Brantley never tells anyone that he has a son. Emma had done an outstanding job being a good mother to their little boy, Seth, which was made even harder because Seth was born with some pretty intense medical issues that have put him in & out of the hospital for most of his short life. Finally when a blood transfusion is needed and the only match is Brantley does she then make contact through the manager that Brantley is needed for a medical emergency.

At the moment Seth is out of the hospital but they know that at any time anything can happen to put his life at risk again. Both Brantley and Emma realize that they still have the special chemistry that they shared so many years ago and Brantley is finally going to get the balls and stand by his son and hopefully make Emma a part of his life. That chemistry that Brantley and Emma shared all those years ago still exists but is it enough to make Emma forget how Brantley just walked away from both her and Seth? Can Emma trust that Brantley will be there for the long haul because there is nothing that she will do to put her little boy’s health and heart at risk in case Brantley gets sick of the family life and decides to return to his unabashed rocker life? How does the rest of Willow Son feel about Brantley keeping such a big secret from them and are they willing to wait for Brantley to get his life sorted out? Does Emma hold it against Brantley for making her and her father’s life so hard when he has every ability to help pay for some of the medical bills and even just the support of another person when your little guy is in and out of hospitals all of the time in his short little life? And lastly, what had happened in Brantley’s life that made him make the agreement with Emma in the beginning and was it a good enough excuse for his actions? Like I said this book took you through quite the emotions and was oh, so freaking good!!

This book was provided as an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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