rating: 5++–you tore my heart out and smashed it–stars

You can’t describe this book with just a few words like “amazing”–trust me it is amazing but it is SO much more than that! It’s gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, romantic, has non-stop steam (yes, you will be fanning yourself), shocking, and at times suspenseful. I loved this series and Grounded is just the icing on the cake.  R.K. Lilley is unbelievable and I want to spend a day in her brain so that I can understand what goes on inside there. Really? How do you think of these things?!?!?! I was squirming while reading for half the book, speechless for a quarter of the book, and the last quarter of the book is a toss-up between crying and looking around the room for someone to explain WTF was going on in my beautiful world of James and Bianca?!?!?

James and Bianca are one of my all-time favorite book couples.  James is attentive, loving, caring, protective, domineering, and possessive. You don’t tell him no and you don’t get in the way between him and Bianca. He will do anything and everything to make sure she is happy and most importantly safe. Bianca balances out James. She loves and adores him and can deal with all his “ways”.

We start the story as Bianca arrives back in New York and James is as eager as ever to get her alone. She agrees to meet him at his office and within minutes she is confronted by Jolene–James’ former sub and skanky bitch–who is as pleasant as always. What a way to start the book–cue the cat claws! Things quickly escalate–don’t go insulting James’ woman and expect to get away with it.

You ride on a Mr. Beautiful Cloud 9 for a bit in the book–with all those great attributes that we love which all equals a sexy as hell James with steamy, steamy scenes that will have you squirming and fanning yourself. However, things are always lurking in the background–Bianca’s dad is still on the loose–will he be able to get to her? James’ past is full of women, secrets and the unknown. Will it all catch up with them and their happiness crumble?

Favorite quotes and excerpts from the book: (there are of course so many, many more but I would ruin it for you)

“Turn around and look at me,” James said after a long moment, his voice low and rough.”

“If you can manage not to come while I take the edge off, I’ll spare you the roses. For today.”

“Say it, Bianca,” he said, his voice more tender than demanding. Still I knew it was an order. “I’m yours, James,” I told him softly.”

“Oh Love, it’s not your heart I’m playing with. And I’ll play with your body whenever I damn well please.”

“How about I make it up to you with a handful of orgasms?”

“God, you guys are good at eye-fucking each other!”

(by R.K. Lilley)

All good things must come to an end and the shit hits the fan and screws up my happy cloud nine Mr. Beautiful high! You WILL be shocked and you WILL scream and want to throw your reading device across the room. Thank goodness for my posts/tweets! I had a way to let it all out. I don’t think I could’ve handled this book otherwise. I literally sat on my big comfy chair staring around the room with my mouth ready to catch flies looking for someone to explain WTF just happened?!?!  I had a nice little Twitter conversation with R.K. and apparently her mom wasn’t very happy with her!! Knowing that did nothing for my mental health but it was nice to know that someone else knew what I was going through.

This book is amazing! There just aren’t enough words to explain to you the ride you will go on. R.K. you wrote a book that I will remember for a long, long time. I loved the entire story of James and Bianca. They are one of my all-time favorite couples. How could they not be? There were many things that make this an above 5 star rating for me but what pushed it over the top was the unexpectedness of the events (the where, why, when, and how) that just sealed the deal. If you read on a consistent basis you get to know when to expect things and R.K. broke all those “rules” and that was what made this book over the top for me. LOVE IT! Go buy it!!!

Grounded (Up In The Air #3)

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