Rating:  4.5 stars

Judgment (Judgment, #1)This book was a dark read and it is not anything like FSOGits about Master/slave and about a Dom/sub.  The story takes place at Judgment–a secluded fortress type mansion that holds hundreds of women captive and who will be sold into slavery. Callie first given the name Red because of her hair and later renamed Mischief by her Master was kidnapped and brought to Judgment. When Mischief arrives at the compound she fights her captives and pays the price. Her defiance earns her attention from Tane–the head Master–on her first night at Judgment. Her defiance continues as does his fascination with her.

Her defiance continues and that is what earns her the name Mischief. She is eventually broken when she tries to escape and lands in the arms of Tane. He sentences her to a caning and waiting she does something that earns her a total of 30 strikes of the cane. 

While we are learning about how Mischief was captured and tortured into complete submission the author also dives into the physiological state of Mischief. There are other interesting aspects to this story.  There is a whole hierarchy of slaves–the top being Personals.

When presented with a real chance of escape I was shocked at her response–which really just goes to show you how beaten down and broken she really became.  Overall, there are some twists and turns in this story and there is ALOT of violence and some steamy scenes. I found myself talking to my iPad because I was baffled, appalled, or just totally shocked by some scenes.

There is a sequel to this book and it tells the story of another girl. I haven’t read it but I would put it on my TBR list. Below are links to Amazon and Goodreads where you can buy the book and/or read an excerpt and other reviews. 

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