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How does this challenge work?

It’s pretty simple here’s a quick overview:

  • Check out the list of books below. You can click on each cover to get to read the book blurb and view the entire cover.
  • Once you decide which book you want to review, please scroll down to request a book. Just fill out the form and send it.
  • That form goes directly to me (Debra), and I’ll review the form and send the book your way.
  • Once you’ve read the book you requested, write your review and post it to Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Come back here with your direct review URL links from both sites and request your next book. I’ll verify the reviews and then send you the next book.
  • That’s it!

There are two ways to get an ARC (advanced read copy) of the books in the challenge. The first is really easy and quick to do. Go to NetGalley and create a free account. Click the orange button that’s about midway down their home page. Fill out the form, wait for the confirmation email from NetGalley, and once you get that you’re ready to go. I do HIGHLY suggest that you fill out your profile section and include in it where you will post your reviews and include the direct URL links (oh, and make sure you check that those links work).

Screenshot 2016-02-27 18.41.25

For this challenge, you’ll be sending me links in the form below, but in the future you might want to review other books from us or different publishers on NetGalley and providing a direct URL link (and direct is key, because it’s awesome you post to Amazon, but if I can’t find your specific review, there’s really no value to the link you provided). Also, maintaining a decent feedback ratio will help you get approved by a lot more from publishers.

The second way I’ll be sending ARCs to readers will be by emailing the ARC directly to your @kindle.com email address. I’ll explain exactly how you do that next.

Steps to get an ARC sent and received to your @kindle.com email address:

  • Sign into your Amazon account (on your computer, not mobile device)
  • Go to “Your Account” and scroll down to Digital Content

Screenshot 2016-02-27 19.02.50

  • Click “Manage Your Content and Devices”
  • Click “Settings” and scroll down to “Approved Personal Document E-mail List
  • Click “Add a new approved e-mail address” and a pop up box will appear. Please enter this email address bepromo@ptd.net and click “Add Address”
  • You’re done but wait! Before you close out of Amazon you need to do one more thing.
  • Scroll up to “Send-to-Kindle E-mail Settings” and copy down your @kindle.com email address. You’ll need to give this to me.
  • Now you’re done and you never have to do this again for the challenge!

**Please note: I have permission from all the authors taking part in this challenge to approve or send you their books. If you ever win a giveaway or someone that is NOT the author tells you they will send you a book direct to your Kindle BEWARE – the book is most likely pirated. Go find that author and ask them if the person wanting to send you a book has their permission. I am an author and I would not be upset with you if you asked me this and as a blogger I would not be offended if you went and asked an author if what I was doing was on the up and up.**

How to send me your posted direct URL links:

For Amazon:

  • Go to Amazon (on your computer) and go to “Your Account”
  • Scroll down to “Personalization”
  • Click “Your Reviews” and copy the URL link that is in your browser. That’s it!
  • Amazon will also send you the direct link in an email once your review is live and you can wait for that email and get the URL link from it.

For Goodreads:

  • Go to Goodreads on your computer (not mobile device)
  • At the top click “My Books” then click “Read”
  • Now you can scroll through your list and look for that specific book, click it and copy that URL link or you can just give me the link in your browser for your “Read” list. I’ll be able to find the review from there.

I encourage you to leave any general questions in the comment section so that you can help others. If they are specific, feel free to email me with the subject line “#30DayReadingIndie question” at: DebraPresley@bookenthusiastpromotions.com

Below you’ll find all the books you can review, and underneath the covers will be the form that you’ll use to request a book and underneath that is the Giveaway where you enter your review links. You’ll notice that some books have expiration dates. If you’re interested in reading those, please plan accordingly so that you don’t miss them.

Click the books below to read the blurbs for each book:

Fill out my online form.

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