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Book Title: Mended Hearts (Torn Hearts, #2)
Author: M.E. Gordon
Genre: Contemporary/NewAdult
Release Date: March 25, 2017
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My heart had just been splintered by the man I thought I was in love with. Betrayed by one mislead by the other. My twisted, triangle of a nightmare was over, it should be a walk in the park now… right?

That’s what I thought when the clock struck twelve. I was in the arms of the man I knew I should be with and I was ready for a new year, a new me, and a new love. But this wasn’t the fairy tale I thought it was going to be. I’d stepped into a completely new field and it wasn’t full of daisies. It was a field of landmines, full of secrets, lies, and more heart break. Is any of this worth saving? Was he worth saving? I loved him, but did he really ever love me, or just the thought of me? Would we just self-destruct and crumble, would he let me in to see the good along with the bad, or would I fall back into old habits.


I love her. That’s never going to stop and I don’t want it to. I’ll make her see…

guest reviewed

5 STARS from Irene

WOW!! This book has so much more drama!! I floved it.

Beth made her decision and went with Spencer! Some might think that was a very bad mistake. She doesn’t see it that way. Again with Spencer she had the butterflies, the chills. With Simon who we found out at the end of Torn that wasn’t his real name! She felt safe with him, but there wasn’t really any chemistry.

As Spencer’s past becomes his present, he leaves Beth in a very bad place! Mentally and physically. There is someone out to get Spencer and they don’t know why. As the digging into his past continues, somethings come into light. Well for Spencer it does. This is why he leaves Beth!

The guessing of who is trying to ruin Spencer and why nags at you throughout the whole book. Right until the end. The one person who’d you think wouldn’t want anything to do with Spencer helps Beth out. Why? Because he finally see’s the she truly loves Spencer and not him. His heroics though makes you cry so get your tissues ready!

The ending though that is yeah!!! Love to see what Teddy and Charles were really like though!


erin review


Mended Hearts is the sequel to Torn Hearts, another fantastic novel by M.E. Gordon so if you are reading this and you have not read Torn Hearts go no further,  use your one click finger and get it! Ok now that we are done with that .

Beth has finally made her decision on who held her heart… Spencer. That doesn’t mean that Simon (if that is even his real name) isn’t still in the picture and he is hell bent on digging up Spencer’s shady past to show Beth that he is not the man of her dreams. Will Simon be able to find what Spencer’s father hid so long ago and win his “Belle” back?

This book brought me out of my reading slump. It has the perfect combo of sex, humor and mystery that I read it all in one day!



meet the author

M.E. Gordon, was born and raised in Maryland, where she still resides with her husband. She is a stay at home mom to four children, three boys and one very, spoiled, little girl, all under the age of five. Growing up M.E.G. was an avid journal writer. She wrote her first romance novel at the age of 14, and it was pretty bad, but over the years and through all the kids she honed her craft. When M.E.G. doesn’t have her mom hat on, you can find her reading, working on her next story or watching guilty pleasure television.

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