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Book Title: Pure Torture
Author: Tania Sparks
Genre: Rock Star Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2016
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Cody’s the sexy drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band Oblivion.

Kitty’s the little sister of one of Cody’s band mates and she’s had a secret crush on him for years.

When the band are back home for a few days, the chemistry between them is both unexpected and undeniably off-the-charts.

She quickly realizes that the prospect of having what she’s always fantasized about is a very real possibility.

He quickly realizes that although he feels this mind-blowing attraction towards her, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates – he would get his ass kicked from here to hell if he ever laid a finger on her!

But can Kitty convince him? After all, no one else needs to know, a one-time hook-up might suit both of them…or could it ruin everything?

Warning: This story contains hot rock stars, sizzling sexual encounters and language that you would expect from heavy rock musicians used to a life of sex, booze and rock and roll. Pure Torture contains graphic sex scenes and is strictly 18+ only.
This novel is Book 3 in the ‘Oblivion On Tour’ series. Each book in the series follows a different band member and tells the story of the women that steal their hearts. Pure Torture can be read as a stand-alone but you might also want to check out Heaven Sent (Book 1) and Bolt From The Blue (Book 2).


doris review

This is a 5 star plus book and the extra plus is for the intense emotional ride you will have reading this fantastic rock romance read. Pure Torture is now one of my top reads not only for the rock romance genre but in general. Ms. Sparks has just put me through moments of extreme lust and extreme torture so the title is more than fitting.

Cody is the drummer for the rock band Oblivion and like the rest of the guys from the band he has lived the true rock star life so while on a short break the boys head back home to Oklahoma to see family and relax for a few days before they start up touring again. It’s been awhile and since some things seem to never change Cody is about to see something or someone who has changed beyond his imagination. (And we all can guess where that imagination can go for a rock star!) The guitarist for Oblivion, Nikki, has a family which happens to be the nucleus family for all the boys because that is where they grew up practicing their music and Nikki’s mom and dad were mom and dad to all the guys. So when little sis, Kitty, was around they all treated her like a little sister too. “Brothers” or not Kitty had always had a crush on Cody and he had been her fantasy since she first began noticing boys.

Well, well, well…little sister sure has grown up since the last time the boys were home and no one notices it more than Cody. As soon as she follows Nikki into the room after all that time little Kitty is now Kitty the sexiest most beautiful woman Cody has ever seen. As for Kitty that crush she has always had on Cody only has gotten stronger and she would like nothing more than to have a one nighter with him because even she realizes that rock stars never settle down with one girl for very long when they have groupies constantly there to take care of their every desire. That pull may be more than either of them can deal with and God knows that Nikki would kill Cody for laying a hand on his sister. But Kitty is not making it easy for Cody to resist her and he finally breaks and they have the wildest, most electrifying connection that two people could have. But they know that it just is lust and nothing more than that is attracting them…right? So this is the part that I mentioned before about “extreme lust” and boy is it some hot stuff. These two make their wildest sexual fantasies come true. It is so good that Kitty follows Cody out on tour during her break from college. They both haven’t figured it out yet that it isn’t just the sex anymore they have had their souls connect on another level neither was looking for. But all that comes crashing down when Nikki gets a phone call from home and the boys leave the tour to go back to Oklahoma for an emergency.

Now for the extreme torture part…Kitty has to decide where she is needed and how to keep this thing with Cody going. There is no way that she will be able to do what she wants to do when she believes that she is needed elsewhere. What was so devastating that brought everyone back to Oklahoma and will Kitty be able to keep Cody if she doesn’t go back out on tour with him? Do long distance relationships work when your brother is there to witness everything that may happen when the band is back on tour? Will Kitty and Cody ever realize that what they have/had was something that was felt down to their very souls?

Believe me you will have a time when your mouth drops open because you were thinking “oh, this is looking so good again and your heart is soaring” to “what the hell is this all about” and you feel your heart break right along with Kitty’s. Ms. Sparks has you laughing out loud at times to having that box of Kleenexes around because tears are coming down your face. Yes, it is intense as I said but oh so worth the emotional roller coaster that you are put on! This is one band that I can’t get enough of and can’t wait to see what Ms. Sparks has in store for me next.

This book was provided as an ARC from the author for an honest review.


What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister?

We’re all sitting around, drinking our beers. I’m slouched down on one of the armchairs that I’ve claimed as my own. I’m still twirling my drumsticks and tapping away on my legs and the surrounding furniture. I’m a couple or three beers in when I hear the door to the suite open. I glance across to see Nikki, our rhythm guitarist and his girl Trixie strolling in jovially, Nikki’s arm is draped over her shoulder and she’s securely tucked into his side.

I lift my head and somberly greet them, “Hey.”

Nikki bobs his head in acknowledgement and Trixie waves her hand to say hi. I expect them to close the door but instead the most stunning girl on the fucking planet glides in behind them. She has smooth jet black hair that flows down her back and it’s so long it reaches her ass. She’s tall, probably almost as tall as me and her body rocks. She’s slim, but has nicely rounded hips and amazing tits. Her emerald green eyes are sparkling boldly as she scans the room confidently. I immediately jump up from my chair, drop my drumsticks to the floor and feel an undeniable rousing in my pants. Hell, maybe my day won’t be so bad after all. I feel better already!

The other guys all stand up too. Fuck off cock-suckers, she’s mine.

I take a step forward as the raven haired beauty suddenly shrieks in an oddly familiar voice, “Oh my god, hi guys, I’ve missed y’all so much!”

Fuck, fuck, fuck! My muddled brain suddenly clicks and makes the connection as I realize that the hottie that has my body vibrating like a god-damned amplifier is Kitty, Nikki’s little sister. Holy Crap! Somebody turns the music down and everyone starts walking towards Kitty. My heart is beating so damned loud that I’m sure the whole room can hear it.

What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister? I remember her as being a sweet little girl that we used to tease and let hang around the band. She’d bring us beers and dote over all of us, but especially me. Sure, she’s always been pretty and downright cute, but I’ve never thought of her as the unmistakable sex kitten she is now. She’s definitely grown up and she’s a complete and utter babe. She’s the perfect embodiment of everything I find totally irresistible in a chick. I want!

Shit, maybe I’ve had more to drink than I thought, but I definitely shouldn’t be thinking this way about Nikki’s little sister and I don’t know how to handle these sudden irrefutable cravings. My hand twitches and strums anxiously on my leg as the adrenaline courses through me and makes me want to jump around like a fuckin’ crazy person.


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meet the author

Tania Sparks is a romantic at heart who genuinely believes in true love and soul mates. She met her husband while still at school, she was sixteen, he was seventeen. They are high school sweethearts who more than twenty five years later are still very much in love and are happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Tania does have a full time job, but in her spare minutes enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and reading. She’s an avid reader who tends to chomp through a large volume of books, mainly in the romance genre. Her other major ‘hobby’ is writing steamy rock star erotic romances!

In 2014, after finding herself constantly being inspired by numerous romance novels, she decided to try her hand at writing. After penning her first scene she discovered that she enjoyed it immensely and so resolved to continue with the rest of the story that was swirling in her imagination. That story resulted in her first novel, Heaven Sent which is the first book in her Oblivion on Tour Series. This was soon followed by Bolt From The Blue and Pure Torture. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story which follows a different band member from a hard rock group called Oblivion – and of course the feisty ladies that steal their hearts! The other books in the series are at various stages of completion.

Now-a-days Tania finds it very difficult to control her imagination and swears that her rock stars are constantly chanting their stories in her head. She can’t wait to share them with you.

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