rating: 4.5–I ♥ Noel–stars

Rock the bandRock The Band the novella to Rock the Heart has a bit of it all–hot, steamy, sweet, jealousy, and surprises. I love the story of Lane and Noel and was so excited to find out how their story would continue. Their story begins on Big Bertha and right away I was hooked. Noel is so completely in love and enamored by Lane. She is it for him and now he has to convince her. This task won’t be so simple though. Lane out of a job and heading back to Texas after her week with Noel. She too is in love but wants her own identity. Noel is not thrilled that she will be leaving soon and wants to do whatever he can to convince her to stay. He places a little bet with Lane and I enjoyed the banter and antics that occur from this wager.

Now everything isn’t wine and roses and happy, happy times. An appearance of a former rival for Lane’s affections returns to instigate and provoke Noel. Will Noel take the bait and ruin his forever? Or will he realize that Lane only has eyes for him? Hmm…

It is impossible for Lane to stay with him on Big Bertha forever and their separation happens sooner than either would want. She needs to go home to care for her mom. They stay in touch talking every morning but one morning Lane is having a difficult time and Noel wants nothing more than to go to her but he has responsibilities. Will Noel put Lane first or will he pick his career?

Favorite quotes and/or excerpts from the book:

“You are my world, and you’re welcome to dramatize it all you want.”

“There was nothing sexier than a woman in need of a good fucking, and right now, Lane was the sexiest fucking thing I’d ever seen.”

“Even though I couldn’t get enough of her body, this crazy chemistry I felt between us stemmed from more than just sex. We had something here. Love. And it was undeniable.”

“What I want is to give you a good spanking right now.” “Well, why don’t you?”

“Good, because chasing you rips my heart out. I want you to stay with me. Always. No more running.”

“Yeah, because he wants in your panties. But I’ve got news for him. It isn’t happening. Those panties belong to me.”

(by Michelle A. Valentine)

The chemistry between Noel and Lane is as intense as ever and I love that Michelle wrote Rock The Band from Noel’s POV! You get to see how deep his feelings for Lane really are and how long he has wanted her. Make sure you have a few tissues on hand because the ending had me in tears and I am not telling you if they were happy or sad. I wish it was a bit longer but that’s because I love Noel and wanted more, more, more of my rocker hottie! You will need to read Rock the Heart first (here is the link to my review) before you can read Rock The Band. I recommend you pick up both books and find a comfy spot so that you can enjoy the ride of Noel and Lane! I can’t wait for book 2–Rock the Bed!!