Rating 3.5 stars

Steel and LaceI was asked to review this book by the author and I was honored to do it and give my honest review of the book. Great story that will have you hot under the collar. In this book you will meet up with Evangeline (Eva) Austin. She is new to Boston and accompanies her BF Cate to a new store opening party. At the party she catches the eye of Carter Morgan–a hot, 28-year, billionaire. Where can I get an invite to that party?

Carter is immediately attracted and intrigued  by Eva and promptly goes up to meet her.  Eva doesn’t quite understand the strong attraction that she feels for Carter–especially since she doesn’t know a thing about him–but he makes her heart race and her palms sweaty.  She leaves thinking about their encounter but not really taking him seriously when he says he hopes to see her again.

Well he does see her again and oh man…I want to be Evangeline! She joins him at a function and is warned by a jealous bitch to stay away. Will Eva listen or will she dive head first into Carter and his hotness? If she does will she get burned? Find out by reading the book!!

It is a short story but it packs a punch. I would recommend you pick up the book and their is a sequel entitled Whisky and Lace (expected to be released in January 2013) so there really isn’t too far a wait to see how the story of Evangeline and Carter unfolds.

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