Rating: 4.0/4.5 stars

the perfect gameHow can you not love a book that has a hot baseball playing player and a sweet and sassy girl that doesn’t fall to her knees at the sight of him? I was hooked by page 3 with “the most delicious pair of chocolate-brown eyes watching me” or Cassie but I can live vicariously through her, can’t I?   Oh man, my heart goes pitter-patter for Jack!

Cassie a transfer student to Fulton in her Junior year is living with her BFF Melissa and one night they venture out to a frat party. This is where Cassie first encounters Jack and the attraction is instant on both their parts.  Jack approaches her but his usual charms don’t work on Cassie and he strikes out–a first for Jack. Cassie–unlike ever other girl on campus and beyond–gives him a dose of her sassy attitude and isn’t impressed by his delicious eyes, heart melting smile and deep dimples (at least on the outside, on the inside she is swooning all over the place). Her treatment is completely new for him and he is intrigued and two days later it all begins.

Jack is relentless and finally Cassie agrees to one date.  Their banter back and forth is sweet and funny–I giggled (yes giggled) a few times with their snarky comments–especially those from Cassie.  On their date they learn a lot about each other and find that they have many things in common. Cassie sees a side of Jack that he doesn’t show to anyone and she begins to open up to him.  They both have some trust issues and it’s tested to the limits.

Feelings develop between the two and Jack–the womanizing, one night stand, don’t need to know your name–Carter is off the market.  Cassie takes a leap of faith and decides to trust Jack but this is easier said than done because the girls at school are jealous and are out to break them up.

Life is good and they are blissfully happy. Jack’s career begins to take off and he is drafted to a major league team and has to leave soon after.  They talk, text and she visits. He moves up the minor league ranks quickly and has to move again.  He has this awesome game and he goes out to celebrate–first sharing his excitement with his girl–with his teammates at a packed local bar. They laugh and drink too much and this is where things get sticky and you want to scream and shout at him because their good and blissful life comes to a halt.  Jack, really?

Here are some of my favorite quotes and excerpts from the book:

“The only type of special I think you are is e-specially irritating. Like a rash.”

“Have you ever noticed how pretty and beautiful words can be? How easy it is to say the things you think someone wants to hear. How you can affect a person’s entire day with just a few measly sentences?”….”But when you don’t follow them up with any action, they’re completely pointless. They’re just sounds and syllables. But they mean absolutely nothing.”

“But when I told you I loved you, I meant it. I didn’t mean that I’d love you only if it was easy, or only if it was drama-free. I think we both know life isn’t like that.”

“I’m just saying that sometimes letting go is the only way to find out who you’re meant to hold on to.”

(by J. Sterling)

This is the point where hearts are broken, tears are shed and you’re yelling at the screen because Jack is a stupid asshole.  Then things get worse–yep he isn’t done being a dumb shithead yet. By the time he smartens up I wanted to strangle him! He does put forth a good effort to straighten his life out and the ending is awesome and I am back to loving and swooning over the jerk.

As I was reading I just couldn’t believe that someone could be that naïve and not think and question things.  This is the only thing that kind of annoyed and pissed me off but Jack is young and is worried about repeating patterns and so I guess he couldn’t see what was right in front of him.  I really enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait for The Game Changer coming in 2013!!

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