Rating: 5 stars

I absolutely LOVED this book!!  The story is obviously about Ella and Micha.  Ella leaves home after one horrible night–which involves an extremely bold cry for help and a kiss that both confuses and brings emotions she was hiding front and center. How does she handle this? She bails and tries to become someone totally different.  However, she eventually has to come home and this is where all the heart stopping and swooning begins.

When Ella finally returns home from a semester of college she has to deal with all the people, past events, family and emotional baggage that she fled from 8 months ago.  Micha her best friend from childhood and neighbor–who just also happens to be hot, charismatic, sweet and totally in love with Ella–has been desperately trying to find and contact her so when she shows up out of the blue he is pissed and happy as hell to see her.  Ella doesn’t return as she left–before she was a badass girl who took no shit, stood up for others and spoke her mind but now gone is the attitude, sass and heavy make-up.  In its place is a preppy-type girl who avoids confrontation.

What she can’t seem to avoid though is Micha and her feelings for him–even though she tries.  Micha slowly chips away at her emotional walls and makes her face all the things and people she tried so hard to leave behind and forget.  Micha is not at a loss for drama either.  He has his own set of family issues and decisions about his future that he must face and work through.  With all of their individual problems and pasts they both have to deal with their feelings towards each other and the night that Ella left him high and dry without explanation. Will they work it all out? Will she flee again?  Will Micha bail on her this time?  You have to read it to find out!!!!

Here are some of my favorite quotes and/or excerpts from the book:

“Yeah pretty girl, stay a little longer.” He’s so close that the heat of his body kisses my skin and my insides tremor. His fingers comb through my hair as he whispers, “You smell so good. God I’ve missed your smell.”

“I swallow the giant lump in my throat. The kiss was part of it. It was an earthshattering kiss, one that stole breaths, stopped hearts, and scared the shit out of me because it surfaced feelings I’d never felt before, ones that rendered me helpless.”

“The only thing I want to get in is you, ” he murmurs in my hair.”

(by Jessica Sorensen)

Once you begin this book you won’t want to put it down.  There is a sequel to this book that hasn’t yet come out–The Forever of Ella and Micha (The Secret #2)

Thank you for reading my review!!  🙂