rating: 4–we finally learn who He is–stars

the seductionRebecca’s Lost Journals, Vol. 1 The Seduction by Lisa Renee Jones is the first installment in the Lost Journals of Rebecca. Rebecca is a character in Lisa’s book If I Were You (which I read way before I had my blog but I gave it a rating of 5 stars). You really need to read If I Were You to understand the significance of the diaries. In The Seduction we find out exactly who is Rebecca’s Dom–how they meet, how/why/when she started working at the gallery.

Lisa sucks you in within the first few pages and you really don’t want to put the book down. I don’t know about anyone else but while reading If I Were You I had a million questions that were floating in my brain about Rebecca and some of those questions are answered.

Rebecca is struggling to make the bills and dealing with the death of her mother. She works at a bar because her degree in art isn’t paying her bills. After a long day at work she decides to grab some treats at the San Francisco Chocolate Factory (what girl can’t relate to needing chocolate after a shitty day) but somehow she winds up standing in front of a local art gallery. She is pulled inside by something and when she enters she sees him. Yes THAT him! Who is he? I’m not telling but you really do find out.

Rebecca has this connection with Him immediately but she fights it and does try to stay away but she is torn. Troubled with nightmares and with her dreams of actually working for the gallery she decides to take a chance and apply for an internship. However, internships don’t pay well and so she still has to worry about paying the bills so she also applies for a posh restaurant near the gallery.

Once settled in employment she finds herself thinking more and more about Him–even dreaming about Him. Dreams merge with reality one late night after work. Key the steam people! Rebecca and Him get it on–woo hoo! Now she is faced with more questions because He isn’t interested in the typical relationship. After a few encounters she is given The Contract. She wants Him (really wants Him) but can she deal with all that he is asking and wanting from her? Can she give of herself so completely?  Will she sign The Contract or will she walk away?

Lisa Renee Jones has a gift of knowing how to end a book on a cliff hanger that has you begging the book Gods for an early release of her next book. This is no different. The next installment in The Lost Diaries is The Contract and it is due out Feb. 18th (so close!!).