Rating: 4.0 stars

TidalEmily Snow–author of Devoured–has written another great book.  I was drawn into this book within the first few pages–I love when that happens! I also found it hard to put it down–so I did some multitasking and sat in the hairdressers chair and read, read, read while I got a cut and color–and of course shamelessly gushed about Tidal and Devoured because I love, love, love Emily Snow and you will too.  How could you not like a book that centers around the beach, the sun, a hot surfer and an actress trying to find her way after a stint at rehab–with a little hot romance added to the mix?

We meet Willow fresh out of rehab and on her way to film a remake of a popular movie (Tidal) in Hawaii–not that she had a say in this but broke and under the rule of her parents she isn’t left with many options.  She is whisked away soon after a business meeting where she meets the producer and her soon-to-be surfing coach Cooper Taylor.

Willow and her previous antics (picture maybe Lindsey Lohan’s tabloid drama) has landed her on the bottom of the Hollywood golden girl list and so when she arrives in Hawaii she isn’t given a limo, an entourage, and a 5 star hotel to live at and cater to her but instead she has one body-guard, a Kia, and a small rental home with bad air-conditioning in a quiet suburban area.  Not at all what she is use to but I give her credit she doesn’t bitch and moan–out loud.

At their first meeting Cooper came across uninterested and even a bit mean to her but when the shake hands she–at least–immediately feels an attraction towards him. Once in Hawaii she needs to not only begin her training with Cooper but she needs to check in with her probation officer and start her community service.  Willow and Cooper agree to start over and although there is an attraction their Cooper has rules about fraternizing with his clients. However, as time goes by those lines and rules become blurred and forgotten.  Cooper is not like the men in her past he isn’t looking to be in the spotlight, doesn’t want anything from Willow and is extremely protective over her–something Willow struggles with because it’s something she has never experienced before.

Here are some quotes and excerpts that are my favorite from the book:

“You coming here tonight was a game changer.”

“I want to be inside of you, Willow. I want to watch your face when I’m inside you, when you sigh, when you come for me. And Willow?”

“Am I hell bent on protecting you? Yeah, I’d rip someone apart to keep you safe. Are you a pity fuck for me? Absolutely not because I’ve wanted you more than anything.”

“Goddamn it, Wills, calm down. Calm down and”–his body froze and he dragged me closer to him, despite my struggling.  “You’re drunk. Holy fuck, you’re drunk.”

“Because you’ve never just been a fuck to me. I love  you, Wills.”

(by Emily Snow)

Every day is a struggle for Willow–she is trying hard to toll the line but her past and her personal demons keep creeping back into her head.  Afraid to trust and share she keeps things bottled up inside her and tries to convince herself, Cooper, Miller (her body-guard), and the 2 other friends she has made while in Hawaii that she is fine.  She is actually doing a pretty good job until too much of her past comes into her present.  Will she be able to handle what her past brings front and center or will she resort back to her old ways of drinking and drugs? Will those in her present stick by her once she lays it out on the line? You have to read to find out! Oh, and Cooper has a few little secrets of his own.  What could they be and how do they affect Willow?

I want a Cooper for myself–love the blue eyes especially. What he does for Willow at the end of the book had me in tears and made my heart go pitter patter for him even more. You’ll love this book!

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