the healers

Title: The Healers

Author: Lynsie Buchanan

Release Date: April 26th, 2013

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During the reign of the Greek Gods, there was Asclepius, the God of Healing. Upon his death two groups battled, the Healers and the Hunters. Healers, those with true healing magic, scattered among the continents for safety from the Hunters. Now, in present day, the Healers are searching to find all of their blood line. The Hunters are searching, too.

Magic flows from Layna’s hands, but trusting anyone with her secret is not possible. Leo, her longtime friend, is determined to become more and Layna believes she wants that. Everything changes when she meets Alexander, the guard supposedly sent for her. There is something that draws them together, but is it real? Faced with a new reality of what her magic means and threats on her life, Layna must choose where her loyalties lie. Who is out to hurt her and who can she trust?

Five Reasons You Have to Read The Healers

  1. Leo…”Yes. Of course. I would give you anything. Don’t you know that already?”
  2. Alexander… Rough, man words in my ear, “Delicious.” He inhaled deeply. “Definitely lickable.”
  3. Scyrus…“I’m pretty sure you’re good for a little hole in the wall west Texas bar.” A giant smile spread across her face. For some reason, I knew I was really going to like this girl.
  4. Layna…bad ass healer…“You see this, Layna. I’m going to savor every part of you with it.” I seriously doubted that when it didn’t look bigger than my pinky finger at full staff.
  5. It was hard and heavy in my hand. Excitement licked up and down my spine as I rubbed my fingers over. This was what I had been missing. The power of a girl and her gun.

Five Fun Facts About The Author

  1. I was born on a Caribbean island…no wonder I’m late everywhere and I think drinking is an activity.
  2. None of my close friends were surprised that I like to write sex scenes. I guess I must have some kinda smut sign on my forehead.
  3. I was a first grade teacher before I started writing…it’s always the innocent ones:)
  4. Sometimes…I walk around the kitchen in high heels while I’m cooking dinner. I really love to pretend I’m tall.
  5. Having a clean mouth is a  high priority to me. My college roommate used to tease me because I always came home for my toothbrush before shacking up.