rating 5–keeping you on the edge of your seat–stars!!

TruthOkay, I will try to limit my use of the four letter words but it’s hard when you’re about to talk about Tony and Claire. Truth the ever stressful, ever mind-blowing, and ever addicting book was the focus of my reading for the last week. I didn’t want to stop reading it and found myself sneaking 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there throughout my day to get my fix.

Now at the end of the last book I declared my hate for Tony but I must admit I loved Tony by the end! Yes, I am that screwed up in the head!! I need some intense therapy. Now my feelings didn’t change overnight it took some time and a lot of yelling, bitching, screaming, and almost a throwing of my iPad across the room to get there but I did get there! Claire doesn’t make it easy on you either. She is infuriating and I don’t think she is a naïve person but some of the decisions she makes of her own accord truly and deeply PISSES ME OFF!! You think she would have learned some powerful and life changing lessons but NO!!

Now, without spoiling it for those who haven’t read Truth yet (but assuming you read Consequences) I will try to give you a bit of my synopsis of Truth. We meet up with Claire as her attorney arrives to get her out of jail. There was a pardon signed by the dying Mayor and no one knows where it came from or who requested it but it’s signed and she’s free! YAY!! So she’s free and finds herself in California and is living her life and then the world finds out (but more importantly Tony finds out) she’s been released from jail. He goes a bit crazy trying to find her and of course he eventually does (that’s a given–not giving anything away there). All his “investigating” pays off and eventually they meet (lots of exciting and stressful things happen in between but you’ll have to read the book to find out). Claire starts out thinking like someone whose learned a lesson or two but eventually she caves in, makes stupid mistakes or is just oblivious to her surroundings (again…hello!!!).

Favorite Quotes or Excerpts from the book:

“It is.: Her voice less convincing than she’d hoped. She inhaled to emphasize the next word, “Anton.”

“I know you enjoy coffee, I’d offer you some. But, the last time I got you coffee, it didn’t work out so well for me.”

“I will not give-up my quest.” (a quest?? WTF??)

“Be careful. You don’t want to disappoint me.” (infuriating!!)

“Tony you need help. I can’t believe you’re watching me that closely. Get over it!”

“You say you love or loved me, past or present. You don’t know what love is. You have an obsession and it really needs to stop. Stop watching me. Stop having me watched. Your fun is done. It’s over.”

“You dreamt about me?” She smirked, “Yes, you egotistical narcissist. I did.”

(by Aleatha Romig)

There are more…my favorite I can’t quote because I would give away a really great part of the book so I won’t but I wish I could. So, you’ll have to read it and then you can always ask me later on what my favorite quote in the book was and I will share it with you. Claire does have her moments where she gets a few jabs in and exerts her own form of control over her life.

Expect many twists and turns. I was constantly questioning myself and my theories. I happy to announce I had some of the right!! There is one scene in particular that Aleatha tortures you with the idea of dream and reality. What was really real and what was all in Claire’s over active mind?

You will be introduced to some new characters in this book and again you go back and forth from present to past but Aleatha manages to keep you on track and I wasn’t confused by the flow at all (which can sometimes happen when an author goes back and forth from present and past events). I liked learning about Tony’s past because it really helped me understand him and his family–along with other people in their immediate circle. While you’re reading you’re wondering how this all will work out or come together and I was really impressed with how she wraps it all together in a nice package (haha…it’s not so neat but she does make it all come together).  When it finally does “come together” for you, mark my words you will be saying “WTF”?

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat–especially the last 30 or so percent. You just won’t be able to put it down.  Late one night I decided to read just one more chapter and like an hour and a half later I had to put it down out of necessity for at least a few hours of sleep. Aleatha Romig does an amazing job with sucking you into the story and then torturing the hell out of you! You know this going into the read yet you continue to forge ahead…I question the sanity of us all–especially us Tony loving fools!!

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