rating 4.5 hot as hell stars

Up to Me (The Bad Boys, #2)Up to Me the sequel to Down to You is HOT, HOT, HOT! You will need to get yourself a comfy spot when you start reading this book because you will not want to put it down. I started this book late last night and I did NOT want to put it down. The first few chapters are hot as hell, will have your heart going pitter-patter and have you searching for a cigarette!

We meet up with Olivia and Cash blissfully happy and unable to get enough of one another (love it)! They are working at Duel and have plans for a lovely night when Marissa comes looking for Nash and ruins their plans. When dropping Olivia off at home they discover there has been an intruder in the home and there is no sign of Marissa. Cash wastes no time getting Olivia to a safe place (a 5-star hotel suite) so that he can try and figure out what his next move should be. He is so loving and caring and so unselfish. <3 <3 Even though I was thinking please, please be SELFISH!!!

In the light of day he goes to see his dad because he is the only one who will know what to do. He leaves the prison armed with some ads to place and a bit of hope.  Although he has some hope he doesn’t quite feel great about his meeting with his dad so he calls on his longtime friend (the guy he trusts the most) Gavin.  Gavin shows up to the club and is charming and HOT!!! Not that much later Cash gets the surprise of his life!

That surprise turns out to be the help he so desperately needs but that surprise doesn’t come in a neat little package…NO it is wrapped in a HOT ASS package…HELLO!!! However, he doesn’t trust the help that has arrived and is relieved that he made that call to Gavin and he is by his side.  Now he needs to keep Olivia safe and get Marissa back. In order to do this they must all work together. While all of this is going on Olivia is still working through her insecurities and trust issues. She questions Cash’s faithfulness and feelings–especially after an encounter with Taryn. (BITCH!)

I think I said before that this book is HOT! With that nice warning, (hehe), here are my favorite (and steamy) quotes and excerpts from the book: (There are sooo many that I can’t include because I would ruin it for you.)

“Do you know how hard it was to let you work tonight? To know that I can’t touch you or kiss you or even watch you? he pants against my open mouth.”

“It’s only been a few hours and all I can think about is the way you taste, the way you feel wrapped around me. When you’re so hot and so ready. So wet,” he murmurs against my mouth.”

“Vaguely? Maybe I didn’t pound it into you hard enough.”

“The lengths I go to just to get between your legs.”

“You haven’t failed me. You’ve breathed so much life into my existence. Don’t ever be sorry for that.”

“Now the jeans,” he commands. One brow shoots up and he adds, “On your knees.”

“With your teeth.”

“Now open your mouth. Slowly. Let it run out. Down your chin.”

(by M. Leighton)

Holy hell, HOT!!!

Cash and the gang devise a plan to rescue Marissa but will they be able to keep Olivia safe? Will Olivia be able to get over her insecurities and trust Cash? Is Cash man enough to express his feelings? With Gavin or the “surprise” get in the middle of Olivia and Cash’s relationship? Will they be able to rescue Marissa?

This book is filled with hotness but also it’s a great story about love, the mob, family, revenge, and surprises. You really won’t want to put it down and will be asking for more, more more!! M. Leighton does a great job making you swoon and getting your heart pumping.  There will be more books in the series and you find out about book 3 at the end of this book. Also, I hear she is thinking about a 4th! GO GET THIS BOOK!

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