rating: 4.5–crushin’ on Micah–stars

bentI got a new book boyfriend! I <3 Micah and you will too! Bent is a story that will have you smiling, crying, laughing, and then throw in a couple of shouting and WTF moments and you got yourself a fantastic read.

Bent the first novel by HB Heinzer is a wonderful story that takes place in a small town in Wisconsin called Brooklyn. It’s a place where everyone know everyone and they all know each other’s business but they also all look out for each other.

Julia grew up in Brooklyn and had her whole life planned out–go to college (only a few hours away from Brooklyn) and marry her high school sweetheart. Well, life doesn’t always work out the way we plan and Julia was dealt a hard blow by her boyfriend Micah which leaves her crushed and alone.

Micah stayed in Brooklyn and now owns his own construction company. He never got over Julia and regrets the day he broke her heart but he was young and struggling with a drunken mistake which gave him a wonderful and fantastic boy–Caleb.

Fast forward 10 years and Julia finds herself divorced and going home to Brooklyn to re-evaluate her life. Her first night back she agrees to meet her childhood BFF Annie at the local bar. Micah also decides to spend a rare night out with his friends and what do you think happens? Yep they see each other. Julia is none too happy and she discovers things that only bring about more questions, more hurt, all those feelings she tried so hard to forget and then throw in the mix that there is still a very apparent attraction to each other. That is what I call trouble.

Favorite quotes and excerpts from the book:

“At one point, he leaned his body over hers and she forgot all about the stick in her hands, distracted by the feeling of him brushing up against her.”

“So, he’s not so hot with a stick and balls, huh?”

“Don’t try to deny it. You don’t get flustered over women. You’ve never once asked my opinion about a woman until tonight. That means something. That means she is something special.”

“Calling a truce simply meant she wouldn’t pull the ladder out from under him or throw a hammer at his head.”

“Jules, just give him a chance. He’s not a bad guy, just stupid sometimes.”

“Why can’t the heart forget the love and remember the hurt?”

“Try,” she breathed into his ear. “Otherwise we can stay outside. Just don’t leave me yet.”

“No, I think you guys have proved your point. That bitch is nuts,” she exclaimed”

“No way, Dad. You’ve screwed up so much with her, I think you might need backup.”

(by HB Heinzer)

Julia is renting a house from Annie’s parents for a really good price because the house needs a lot of fixing up. So the morning after she runs into Micah guess who is tearing up her back porch the next morning? They are able to call a truce and they slowly begin to talk and work things out. They begin to fall back into their old familiar ways. They are happy and getting to know each other. Stop! Wait! I haven’t even mentioned the CRAZY BITCH!!!! Yep, Micah’s ex is a CRAZY ASS BITCH! I need not say more because when you read this book you will find out exactly why Karen is psycho. Will her psycho-ness be enough to break up Julia and Micah’s reunion? How will Caleb handle everything–Julia, psycho mom’s return, and his own mixed up teenage feelings?

Bent is addicting and you find it hard to put it down. You too will fall in love with Micah and rooting for Julia and his relationship to rein over the evil crazy one. I loved it and I can’t wait for the sequel Breaking The Rules (late May release). Go out and get this book!!!

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