rating: 5–giddy-up and ride a cowboy–stars

Another fantastic book in the Exquisite Series by Ella Frank! Entice has it all! You will laugh and cry; swoon and squeal; bitch and moan; scream and shout and that’s just at Shelly!! OMG that girl can cause you to question your sanity! Statements like: “Really?!?” and “Are you kidding me?” “Come on!” “WTF?” came out of my mouth constantly.  Then of course there was a lot of mumbling and threatening. If I could’ve hit her I would have!! Err!

Shelly is the BFF of Lena (we met Lena in Exquisite–haven’t read it you should, here is my review). Shelly is a doctor and is extremely smart and stupid all at the same time. Smart at her job stupid in her love life! Shelly wants to make sure she doesn’t repeat the mistakes in her parents’ marriage and so she’s determined to find a man that is straight-laced, has a good/stable job, reliable, who will always be there for her AND rocks her world in the sack. However, she isn’t having any luck finding her Mr. Right.  The men she falls for either uses her for her money or is boring (e.g. “Paul the bore”). She has a type (the “bad boy”) but she is dead set on NOT falling for that type again. She refuses to get burned again.

Josh owns his own construction business. He is also Mason’s childhood friend. He has recently moved back to Chicago and is going to help Mason with renovations to Exquisite. He has also been burned by the women he has dated–recently he had followed his girlfriend in California and that did not work out so well which is one of the reasons he has returned to his home town. He is leery in starting another relationship because he doesn’t want to be disappointed and heartbroken again.

Both invited to Monday Langley family dinner night at Exquisite and their introduction is a hoot but the chemistry is immediate. Shelly warns Lena that she does NOT want to be set up but she found herself at a local dance club just days later. However, Shelly decides to bring a date with her. An ex-boyfriend who I must say is duller than dirt. Their friends are sneaky little devils and they find themselves at the bar alone and as said before the chemistry between them is off the charts. Things are discussed and a deal is made and sealed in a very satisfactory way.  (Hehe…OMG hot!!!)

Favorite quotes and/or excerpts from the book:

“Isn’t that the guy that wouldn’t put out?”

“We’ll seal the deal tonight when we come all over each other.”

“No strings, Josh. Not one. Unless, of course, it’s to tie me up.”

“”Was that him? Lena asked in a whisper. Shelly finally reached her friend and stared to push her out the door. “Was that who?” Shelly asked, trying to deflect. Lena dug her stubborn heels in. “Mr. Orgasm?”

“Playing with your tool so late at night, Josh?”

“Don’t make me want you.”

“I just asked you why you think I’m bad.” She let out a deep breath across his finger, and then whispered, “Because no one who is good could make me want to be so very bad.”

“Mother of all that is holy! That tattoo, please bring it closer so I can lick it.”

“I want to take off all your clothes, lay you down here in the morning sun, and love you from your head to your toes. Would that be okay with you?”

“Move your hand Georgia. It’s not needed down there tonight,” he told her, watching as she slowly removed her hand.”

(by Ella Frank)

This deal turns out to have blurry lines which shake Shelly to the core. She doesn’t know how to handle what is going on between them. She thought she would have a cut and dry deal that would be beneficial for both but one Monday night it all falls apart.  Cue the drama and Shelly antics that will infuriate you and have you wanting to scream to the heavens “What are you doing????” !!!!!!

Now between all that drama there is a road trip that won’t soon be forgotten. Shelly needs to head home to Georgia and she brings Josh along. Family drama, hot sex, and what…feelings begin. So you know what that means right? Shelly (and all her Shelly-ness) + emotionally draining trip/family confrontation/ex-girlfriend = WTF (are you stupidly crazy girl)!!

Now you are at the point where you want to throw your reading device and you just gotta let it out! In between these frustrating rants you will be on with Shelly there are a lot of heart-felt moments where you will shed a tear or two. Will Shelly ever grow up and realize what is standing right in front of her? Or will she continue to be a stubborn and stupid woman? Will Josh just get fed up and flee the country because this girl is sooo infuriating? You will have to read Entice to find out. It is a bumpy ride so hang on tight and enjoy it!

The chemistry between Shelly and Josh is off the charts (as stated before) and no matter what Shelly tries to do to screw everything else up she can’t deny their attraction. Boy oh boy, Entice delivers with more hot and steamy scenes that had me wanting to stand out in the rain to cool off. I will never look at places like open fields and dark parking lots in the same way again. I suggest you keep a list! I did but to put the complete list in my review would only ruin it for you…so I won’t but I want too!!!

Ella Frank is amazing and she knows exactly how to tap into your emotions. She twists them up and ties you in knots. Then she makes you feel secure only to stomp on your heart and emotions again! What are you doing to us Ella Frank!!! If you couldn’t tell I absolutely love this book and recommend you read not only Entice by Exquisite also then immediately go out and shout about these books from your roof tops because seriously they are fantastic!

Thank you to all my Facebook and Twitter friends for putting up with my banter, rants, and craziness! It was a lot of fun!! 🙂

Here again is a wonderful trailer by Ella Frank for Entice! It gave me a chill! I loved it!!

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