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Who doesn’t like a book about hot rock stars? Well I am not one of those people! I love a book that follows rock stars but even better the book follows rockers through Europe. **sigh** I want to get there so badly. Okay, back to the subject at hand. In Fury we meet up with Cheyenne and Stephanie–a reporter and photographer for a top US magazine–get the chance to interview and photograph the group while traveling with them on their tour.  The Sound Wave would be the equivalent to Rolling Stones Magazine.

For Cheyenne this is her big break! She has a bit of a past (you learn about it in the book) that she isn’t proud of but has worked really hard to prove herself and get this opportunity. Stephanie is a super talented photographer who happens to be the daughter of the owner of The Sound Wave and Cheyenne’s best friend.

The tour is filled with lots of drama, tension, and secrets. Fury has been cut off from all media and their first encounter with the girls from The Sound Wave doesn’t go so well. The girls need to remember that they are on a job and must muddle their way through the groupies, in-house drama and management in order to get their interviews completed and photographs taken.

In theory doing their job shouldn’t be a problem but it’s not working out that way for Cheyenne and Stephanie. However, Stephanie was forced to leave her assistant at home and had to settle for a newbie from Los Angeles. This adds to the stress of getting the job completed with an end product that the girls will be proud to display.

Will they be able to complete their project and still be friends? What secrets will be revealed on the tour? Being in close contact with the band, will one (or both) of the girls get caught up in the hype? How will the band react to outsiders following their every move and questioning them about their lives?  You’ll just have to read to find out the answers!! I know I’m terrible…hehe!!


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Interview with Michelle Pace & Tammy Coons

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. I really enjoyed reading Fury! I have a few questions for you and I hope it will help your fans learn a little bit more about you and your book.  

  • I’ve read up a bit about the both of you so I know a bit about how Fury came to be but for those who don’t know can you please tell me how Fury came to be?

Michelle: Tammy and I started writing stories together when I was in junior high.  When we were in our early twenties, we wrote a project that was the skeleton for what is now called Fury.  Tammy dug it out about a year ago and typed it up.  It was hand written in a notebook.  We tweaked the hell out of it and added a lot of new content and modernized it.

Tammy: Fury was a disaster when I typed it up. A lot of head hopping punctuation problems etc.

  • How did the writing process go for both of you? Were there times when you didn’t agree on a scene? If so, how did you handle those situations? How did you decide who wrote what part?

Michelle: There were a few times we didn’t agree.  We have had some pretty tough conversations and still do since we continue to work together. Collaboration is no day in the park.

Tammy: We did have a few meltdowns. But can always work them out. We wrote Fury together. Like Michelle has said before we share a brain.

  • Was it hard writing together since you both live in different states? How did you communicate with each other?  

Michelle: We lived an hour apart by car when Fury went into formatting.  Now we live about 20 hours apart.  Skype is our friend.

Tammy: Skype is the best. When writing as two people face to face communication is the best way to convey your thoughts.

I bet! I can’t even imagine writing a book long distance with someone.  

  • Michelle, I know that you have a background in music and singing. Did you call upon your history to help develop the boys of Fury?

There is quite a bit I know about being on stage and backstage, but a great deal of research and wild speculation went into this project.

  • How much, if any, research went into writing this book? I’m thinking there was a lot of traveling through Europe!

Michelle: We researched every city, airport, and hotel.  We researched private jets, photography, journalism, and time zone difference.  (This book is the opposite of “writing what you know.”)  It’s not an experience I look forward to repeating.

Tammy: It was fun to research all places across the pond. I hope someday I will be able to go.

  • How difficult was it to find out all that information? I am thinking specifically about the scene where they enter the  Bono and The Edge’s hotel–The Clarence.

Michelle: I actually already knew that Bono and The Edge owned a hotel in Dublin, so I just did some internet research…my editor made me research smoking policies for The Connaught in London and I got a lovely email in response inviting me to come and stay…that would be lovely.

Do you want to see a picture of the Octagon Bar? Well,  Michelle provided a link to The Clarence–check it out!

  • Is there any plan for a sequel to Fury? Michelle: Yes…it looks that way.  Initially there was no plan for a sequel.  

Michelle: We decided to make it one book when we dug it out (at that time we thought it would be a two parter).  Since publishing we have had a slew of requests for a follow up about Steph and Phillip, and since I have a few thoughts on what happens next, I’ve started toying with new material.

Tammy: Due to popular demand we are writing a sequel. Hopefully this will provide closure for all of our Furies
out there.

YAY! Sequel in the works! I was left wondering if we would find out what happened to Stephanie and Phillip so I am glad we will find out!! Now they have one project they are still working on before they will start the sequel but I’m glad to know it’s “in the works”! Guess what…I know the title: Rage.