5–flying makes me horny–stars

Words to describe this book would include words like hot and steamy but also inferno, blazing, sultry, passionate, blistering, feverish and this list can go on and on.  I loved this book!! Not only will you be all hot and steamy but you will swoon and smile at Lucien and Sophie’s playfulness. I loved them.

Sophie is stuck in a job that doesn’t excite her and honestly it is down right boring then lets top it off with a boss that has roaming eyes. She decides to apply for a private assistant (PA) position with Knight, Inc. (an adult “entertainment” company). She “sexes” up her CV (which I believe would be her resume) and send it in. She hears back soon after and the interview with the owner, Lucien Knight, is one of the best interviews of all time!

Lucien is looking for a PA who is committed to the job and is willing to give themselves 100% but also confident enough to talk, handle, and overall confidence that they can work in a company that handles adult entertainment. He believes–after a bit of convincing–that Sophie is that person. Sophie is married and loves her husband Dan but she has been feeling that he isn’t quite “into” their marriage and his 2 week business trip is sending up all kinds of red flags for her. The night before Dan leaves she pulls out of her tricks to try to get him in the mood and it all fails. So this new position comes at a perfect time for her because she can focus on her career change. Little does she know how big of a change is to come!

Lucien sees something in Sophie and decides to give her the job–even though he doesn’t really think she is cut out for it because she seems too innocent and blushes at just about everything. However, there is something about Sophie that he finds intriguing and he gives her the job. Really, I want an interview like that! Her first day was filled with your typical clerical things–make coffee, learn computer system, type memos, send & answer emails, write and present a report on customer feedback for the Lick ‘n’ Love Ring–you know normal stuff like that. **blushing** Soon she is accompanying him on a tour of a new club that has its opening night. Boy what an opening night that was. O…M…G!!!!! I want a boss like him please!!

Favorite quotes and excerpts from the book:

“Say clitoris, Sophie.”

“Cock rings. Anal beads. Vibrators, dildos and…” she cast around desperately in her limited imagination for a big finish, “and blow up dolls!”

“I see a woman that deserves to be treated like a princess.”

“You’re like a peach waiting to be plucked from the tree.”

“I’ll add it to my list,” he breathed into her mouth.”         (I love me a list!!!)

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.”

“When you’re blindfolded, you don’t touch me unless I say so.”

“P…she shuddered

R…she arched

I…she moaned

N…she gasped his name


E…she came

S…and came

S…and she came.”

“Flying makes me horny.”

(by Kitty French)

Sophie was struggling with her relationship with Lucien until she gets a smacked with reality one morning when she can no longer deny that her husband is in fact a rat that’s cheating on her. Then, my folks, it is game on. They are off on a week of the hot and “steamies”! Hot damn is it ever hot and steamy! There is no possible way to go into the details of their week without this review becoming X-rated…haha. So in order to find out exactly what transpires you must go get the book! You will NOT be disappointed!

However, you start to wonder is there more here between Lucien and Sophie? Is Lucien even capable of more? What will happen at the end of their week? Can Sophie deal with all this? What will happen when Sophie finally confronts Dan? I will tell you right now all of the answers to these questions (and any you might come up with) will NOT all be answered by the end of this book. Why? Because Kitty loves to torture us! OMG that ending will have you wanting to throw your kindle, nook, iPad, or whatever across the room and screaming. Still even with an ending like that you MUST go read this book! I loved it and so did the ladies that read along with me. Go buddy read with an erotic novel it is quite fun!

The second book in the series Knight and Stay will come on in April!