rating: 5–heart-stopping–stars

lost to youLost to You is a beautiful, heart-stopping love story with a bit of heart-break thrown in the mix that tells the story of how Christian and Elizabeth came to be. You will sigh happily, swoon, smile, cry and get pissed off. What a great range of emotions to keep your face glued to your screen.

I was lucky enough to be given the ARC to this book to review and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. I posted on my Facebook page throughout and tortured and teased those chatting with me. A.L. Jackson even called me a #TwitterTease! Sorry, but how could I be quiet when reading this book? Impossible, as you will soon find out when you pick it up to read. I apologize now for your lack of sleep.

This prequel to Take This Regret begins when Christian and Elizabeth’s meet during their first semester of Columbus University. They are in the same American Government class and are picked to be study partners. The connection is immediate and will have you smiling from ear to ear. A happy squeal escaped my lips once or twice for sure.

Elizabeth’s guard was immediately up when met her new study partner because she doesn’t trust the looks, smirks or words that fell out of his mouth. She knows the type of guy he is and wants none of it! (Shoo go away). Elizabeth worked hard to get to Columbia and needs to stay focused on her grades in order to maintain the grants, scholarships and student loans. No need to muck it up with a boy who only wants one thing.

Christian walks into the café and is instantly taken with Elizabeth. He tries to try his typical antics that work on all the girls who will immediately drop their panties for him but soon realizes that Elizabeth is different. She deserves more and he wants to give her more. But how much more and is he capable of it? Resolved to not hurt her he decides to try and focus on a friendship.

Favorite quotes and excerpts from the book:

 “There was no way I could allow myself to get lost in this guy, and by the thoughts that smile had left swirling through my head—that stomach-flipping, heart-lurching, earth-shattering smile—I knew just how easily I could.”

“See.” This time I nudged his foot with mine. “You’re going to learn to trust me.”

“Oh God. Men should not be that pretty.”

“Ice skating? Are you joking, Elizabeth? You come all the way to New York City, and the one thing you’re excited to do is go ice skating? You have to be the biggest nerd I’ve ever met, “I teased. Her face puckered in offense, before her mouth dropped open with it. It was cute. Really cute. “Nerd,” I mouthed, unable to stop myself from provoking her more.”

“How did he make me feel the most insecure I’d ever felt in my entire life, yet manage to make me feel the safest in his presence?”

“Just how innocent are you, Elizabeth?”

“Do you have any idea how many times I wanted to do that? This fucking stairwell has been the bane of my existence for the last four months?”

 (by A.L. Jackson)

So the “friendship” begins (AHH)! Study, study, study, talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah (except it’s SOOO NOT blah…it makes your heart happy). The whole time I’m thinking “come on”! A.L. Jackson does a fantastic job with her own teasing and she makes it easy to fall for Christian and Elizabeth (I know most of you all probably already love them from Take This Regret) but for those of us who haven’t read it yet (note to self: move TTR up to #1 on my TBR pile) you will fall in love with them!

Now things aren’t all flowers, blue skies and butterflies. Christian can be a “stupid boy” and I thought he needed a good slap on the side of the head to wake his ass up! Hello McFly! Things happen: misunderstandings, family meetings, heartache and tears fall. Will they be able to maintain that strong friendship?

Lost in You is written in the POV of both Christian and Elizabeth.  You can a glimpse into their thoughts, feelings and love. I just smile when I think about this book. I loved it so and so will you. Find out how it all began!! You won’t be disappointed!

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