rating: 4.25–you can tie me up–stars

the contractThe second installment in the Lost Journals of Rebecca doesn’t disappoint. It is hot and steamy and still leaves you with questions. Books to read before this include If I Were You and Rebecca’s Lost Journal Vol. 1: The Seduction.

I think I should add a warning about this review. If you haven’t read The Seduction you might want to wait to read this review. Although I really try to never reveal spoilers it might be kind of hard to NOT reveal something to you. So reader beware!!!!!

The story picks up where it left you hanging…will Rebecca sign the contract given to her by Him (yes, you know who He is now but I still am not giving it away). Rebecca is feeling uneasy and out of control. She wants so much to sign her name on that contract but there are some things that are in there that just don’t sit well with her. After being told that she the ball is in her court Rebecca spends a lot of time deliberating and really driving herself nuts over Him and his contract.

The girl has it going on lately many men are finding her appealing and this isn’t sitting well with Him. Her dreams and nightmares continue to keep her up at night. Finally decision made she tells him and what occurs after that is HOT and steamy (now that isn’t giving away anything). Prior to her decision she really looks at each part of the contract to see what she can and cannot live with. Does the pros out way the cons? Will she give herself over to her Master or will she walk away from Him? If she decides to walk will He let her? Is the decision really hers?

You will find out most of your answers but as we all know Lisa Renee Jones loves, loves, loves to keep us guess and torturing more unanswered questions than answered questions. WHY!?!?!? The Contract is a short read (so was The Seduction but for some reason it didn’t see as short as this one). Based on the fact that it’s so short I rated it a 4.25 because it keeps you wanting more and its steaminess. Both books are a good read to get us through the long wait for Being Me (June 11th release date–but you can pre-order!).